Magic In The Air: Vow Renewals In NYC

As always, we had a wonderful week in New York City. I won’t start blathering on again about how much I love it, because repetition. There was a little extra magic this time, though, because we renewed our wedding vows.

The light had already faded by the time we got fancy, so the pictures are not all I had hoped for in clarity. But they do capture the moments and make me smile. I had agonized over a dress, to the point of frustration and even a tear or two. By the time I got super-serious about it, it was too late, and nothing could be ordered! (I’ll give myself a pass in that my external fixator wasn’t removed until late September, so I couldn’t try anything on.)

So I shopped my closet for this charming 1950’s satin dress. You can’t see the seaming details here, but they’re figure-defining. The waist is small and the skirt is full, aided by a crinoline. Although I didn’t find a “dream dress,” nothing about the event was diminished. My sister, who had shopped with me for dresses, texted me this and and made everything perfect: “No matter what you decide on you will be beautiful. Esp in Sandy’s eyes and that’s all that matters. Xo”


The Art Deco necklace was my grandmother’s, from her wedding in the early 1920’s. The pale teal gloves were via Amazon, and came in handy for the evening’s chill. I’m wearing a faux-pearl and crystal tiara, but my hair hides it.

Outside of our apartment, some kind passers-by took this pic. My handsome guy! I borrowed a real fur (not something I promote, but this one is from the 1960’s). Flowers from the corner bodega.


We changed our ceremony location to Washington Square Park, where we we were blessed with the music of an excellent street musician; he played Estrellita, a Spanish love song. Lucky to have the statue of George Washington over us, and the sculpture by Ai Weiwei at our side.


A night of magic and sweetness. And here’s one of my favorite lines from our vows:

Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is.

Stay fabulous, and long live love, xo

In case you’re looking for an exquisite alternative ring, check out this stunning piece by a Japanese artist and sculptor, and husband of a dear friend:


And some dress-up pieces I love:

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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely post Patti. You both looked perfect – so happy and beaming from within. Such a special day for you, congratulations!

    Anna x

  2. Tangled roots, I like that. I am so happy for you both and your lasting love.
    Thanks for sharing these photos. You both dressed for this special occasion. You outshine anything you could have put on fabric-wise. Hugs.
    And it’s quite an honour that O’s ring shares this page. Truly. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations to you both , this is so beautifully romantic . How gorgeous you look , the vintage dress was the perfect choice with opera gloves and vintage fur cape.
    The quote from your vows truly resonated with me as we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary in September.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, sighworthy…..Hubby and I renewed our vows in front of the Eiffel Tower on a trip with our then 8 year old daughter. We bought pink roses from a street stall, she officiated and asked us if we’d like to be ‘awfully wedded’, we said yes, and she took fuzzy photos. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Congratulations to you both…xxx

  5. I don’t know which impresses me more you’re beautiful and sentimental vows, or than amazing satin dress with the long luxurious gloves. There’s no way you could have found a better dressed than that, in my opinion. You look simply stunning. I’m so very happy for you. And I’m very very happy that you had a good time in New York. Much love and congratulations.
    ❤️❤️❤️ Elle

  6. Aww, that’s so sweet, Patti. You look positively radiant. I’m loving everything about your outfit, and personally I don’t think it’s wrong to wear a piece of vintage fur now and then. You and your husband are such a handsome couple and I love the lines from your vows! xxx

    • thank you Ann. I haven’t always made the right choices, but Sandy was certainly one! xo

  7. You are such a handsome couple, and you look radiant in your dress. Washington Square Park is the perfect location to renew your vows, and it sounds like it was a magical night. The line from your vows is beautiful, and true. Congratulations!

    • you and I had a fun encounter in that park with an adorable dog, as I recall! Thanks for your kind words, xo

  8. I love this! You are both just precious as can be! You prove Fairy Tales exist!

  9. You, the dress, the necklace, the gloves, the fur, the flowers from the bodega, your gorgeous husband—-it’s so beautiful. So, so beautiful. I love the quote at the bottom from your vows.

  10. Oh boy you two look like royalty – such a stunning couple! Love your dress and your sister was right – no matter what you wore you’d be beautiful in Sandy’s eyes. Whenever I attend a bridal shower and the bride to be gets so enthralled with wedding details I’m quick to remind her that it’s not the wedding that’s important, it’s the marriage that is. The line from your vows is everything!

    • thanks for these warm words, Kellyann. You’re right, it’s not about the details, xo

  11. Wonderful! You both looked grand. And music in the park. What more could you ask for? A terrific memory. Congratulations.

  12. This brought tears to my eyes.

    How wonderfully romantic! You both look like you stepped out of a fairytale.

    Another page in your life has been written and a warm memory created to cherish. That’s the way to enjoy life. Bravo!

    I really love that quote. Will be sending that along to my hubby in Australia.


    • Australia! Is that closer or farther away? Thank you for your lovely thoughts – and you have encouraged me many times to enjoy life to the fullest. xox

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