It’s The Little Things, #2

I wrote last week about the small touches that give my mostly-neutral wardrobe new life. Well, here it is Friday again – and again I have worn black trousers, a black maxi skirt, and a navy striped skirt, with simple tops. Stop the Vogue presses!

I am far from bored though, because I look for ways to make my outfits just a little happier. (And that means happier to me, as others may still put me in the “boring” file. That is OK, I know a crazy tiger woman lives right under the black jersey surface ☺).

This week, I made myself happy with:

  • Great vintage-style shoes, thrifted at Goodwill for under $6. The brand is Tara, which turns out to be a favorite of dancers, lucky me! I will enjoy wearing them with tights soon.
Dancing shoes!
  • A colorful floral scarf tied as a sarong over my knit maxi. I liked the look, but it’s best if you’re going to remain standing for a while. Getting up and down from my desk rather smooshed the look I was going for.
  • Delicate drop bead earrings, made by a friend. I don’t wear earrings a lot because my hair covers them, but these are so feminine and pretty, they made me smile.
  • My MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Stuck On You. It’s incredible how long this stuff lasts on your lips! When I am getting ready for bed, it’s still there. Must get more colors.

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  1. I agree that the little details are what gives me a little thrill. Super cute shoes.

  2. Isn't it amazing what you can find at Goodwill? As others have said, I can see those shoes with a pair of brightly colored tights. They are fabulous!

  3. I do love MAC for red lippie! I'd never have you in the boring file! It takes creativity and a very developed sense of style to remix your wardrobe and you do it so well. I never notice repeat outfits on you as you are so clever at keeping things fresh and hey, when is repeating such a sin? We all do it!

  4. No doubt. I read an article at a stylist's blog assuring us that it was okay to repeat outifts.
    Well … YEAH. Who among us in the real word doesn't!? And these little things are the touches that we use to keep it fresh day after day. It always feels so good to look down and admire a special favorite shoe, or ring, or bangle. One of the things I love best about your presentation, Patti, is that you have high amounts of cool in the way you accessorize. Simple but effective, always!

  5. Ooh, yes, I would definitely wear those shoes, I like the idea of them with some coloured tights for winter.

    Accessories definitely add a bit of pzazz to a neutral/plain background, and bright lipstick does the same job. xxxxx

  6. Great accessories mean you can wear the same old stuff for years and nobody notices! I love those shoes. I'd wear them with red opaques and live out my Flamenco dancer stranded in the Black Country dreams! x

  7. I love the shoes! I watch So You Think You Can Dance, and I really, really like all the dance shoes. They must be comfortable, too, so I really should look for some.

  8. It is the little things that make an outfit personal. Your shoes are beautiful, what a lucky find!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Those shoes are GORGEOUS!! I love them!!
    Since I've transitioned to lots of black white and grey I also look for the little things to make it interesting.

  10. Those shoes are so great. I bet they are super comfortable, too, since they are made by a dance company.
    I haven't tried this MAC longwear. Once my Jane Iredale longwear is gone, I'll give it a try. Have a great Friday, Patti! And I'll be seeing you for Visible Monday!

  11. Haha, the Victorian stalker comment is amazing. I laughed and laughed.

    I am happy that the important thing- that you enjoy your wardrobe- is satisfied. I never found your outfit posts to be boring, anyway!

    I similarly patted myself on the back for buying some color my last thrift trip, even though I know my idea of "color" means neutral dark green, dark rust, and something black. 😀

  12. Patti, you have the most gorgeous ankles. Sorry. I sound like a Victorian stalker. But you do! I love those shoes. Dancing shoes? Now I really want some. They have a great 1940's vibe.

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