It Looks Better Off The Hanger; Visible Monday Reminder

You know that old saying, “It looks better on you than on the hanger.” Have you found this to be true? I have a good eye for picking pieces off the rack, including the thrift store racks. I have to keep an open mind before I vote NO. But some clothing just doesn’t come to life without your body in it, and perhaps a few minor adjustments. Making the clothing more “you” is the challenge when you get it home.

This unremarkable studded Rock and Republic jacket (similar) was found at the Sharing Center thrift, for a dollar. You cannot get a cup of tea for a dollar, so I grabbed it with hopes of making it more “me.” As it hangs here, it looks like something an “older” woman might wear in an effort to look more hip. That’s my nightmare – to look like an older woman trying hard to be hip. : >



King looks magnificent, as always. The jacket – meh.

But I played with it, and belted it, and paired it with some fun pieces, which you’ll see tomorrow at Visible Monday. Now it feels congruent with my casual-with-an-edge style. Has this happened to you? Something that was a solid “C” on the hanger became an “A” with your personal touch? Share in the comments, please.

The winner of the Karina Dress giveaway for November 2nd is Jill of Doused in Pink. Congratulations, Jill. xo


Visible Monday, one of the oldest style link-ups on the nets, is back and better than ever. All ages, all genders are welcome to post an outfit, accessory, lipstick color, hairstyle, etc., that expresses our Joy of Being Visible. Please join the fun!

There may be cake.

Visible Monday starts Sunday (tomorrow) at around 5PM. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!

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  1. What a fantastic bargain! I agree you have the eye to see what can become. You made it look fabulous
    Thank you for hosting
    Laurie x

  2. The opposite. A pair of forest green pants looks great on the table. I purchased them and then I just couldn’t make the pants work with anything in my closet. Sooo, back they go (thank gawd I kept the receipt).

  3. Oh totally, I would have nabbed that right out from under you! Such possibilities! That’s one of my fears too – looking like I’m trying too hard. 🙁

    King is a beauty. What a gorgeous boy.

  4. I think King knows how make a ‘C’ on the rack look like an ‘A’ when on. What a King he is!

  5. Oh for sure! People say this is one of my talents: imagining something both off the rack and out of the a junk store setting. That’s how I manage to get such good deals. I left home very young and very poor so I imagine this is part of why I developed this talent. I flatter myself that I’m good at doing this for my friends too: seeing something they’d never think of wearing and knowing it would look good on them. It’s fun. My Beau was not a good dresser when I met him because he was a poor, single father, who lacked a good eye for knowing what second hand stuff would work for him. Now, he looks like a million bucks – without breaking the bank. Even my step-sons (11 and 14) have started trusting my judgement on what would look good on them. Gaining that kind of trust from adolescent boys is quite the victory.

  6. Great jacket — I’d have grabbed it an instant! I figure at my age there’s always going to be *someone* who thinks I’m too old to be wearing one thing or another: people keep saying if you’re over 60 you shouldn’t wear black (I look great in it because of my colouring), or bright red (ditto) or studded anything or jeans or leather or high boots or this or that. Don’t care. I don’t dress for my critics. As for spotting things on the rack, I’ve got a pretty good eye after many years of practrice. Although I will admit I sometimes discover something that looks better on the hanger — which is always irritating.

  7. I can’t wait to see this on you! I can see the possibilities.

    I’m quite good at picking out items that’ll look good on me. Too good maybe.


  8. Since I started working retail, I tell customers all the time to try something on that they might reject on the hangar. So many times you have to try it on first. If you are drawn to a garment, give it a spin in the dressing room…that doesn’t cost a penny to try it on!

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