In Which I Take The Bull By The . . Flank

Yesterday’s adventures included a walking tour of the Financial District, one of the oldest sections of the city and dotted with magnificent buildings. We especially enjoyed St. Paul’s Chapel, where George Washington worshiped and which became a haven for 9/11 rescue workers.

Inside St. Paul’s Chapel, full of tributes to the rescue workers of 9/11.
The World Trade Centers were just a block away.

I found Wall Street itself rather cold and forbidding. I actually got a chill of not-the-good-kind in that concrete canyon with its monuments to money. I saw almost no women or people of color there, although I know the Exchanges are diversified now. Eh, the Hippie in me remains, even if she now has a 401(k)!

I couldn’t resist the Charging Bull, however. So cheesy but so New York. As you can see, it’s a popular photo op!

Have a glorious Saturday, and don’t forget: Monday, October 22nd is Visible Monday. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. I went to Wall Street when I visited NYC, and I agree it seems a cold monument to greed… I do rather like the bull though! And you look lovely posing with him! xxxxx

  2. Your style photos from the streets are always my favorite!  Patti you look perfectly fall city  savvy!  Hope you are enjoying your fabulous adventure!

  3. Gorgeous photo of you Patti!  Loving the green gloves and the pose by the Charging Bull.  Looks like you're having another glorious NYC trip.

  4.  We do! And we often just wander by foot and hope to find something new. I've missed you Terri – hope you are recovering well.

  5. Hi Patti. I have missed you & your outfits this week. Love the photo of you by the bull (though I would have prefered for that gentleman not to be behind you LOL). Hope you had a great time in NYC. The outfit you chose to visit around NY was great. =)

  6. i've never visited Wall Street.  i know you and your husband visit every year (or twice a year).  Do you select different things to see each time?

  7. Hee! I love your picture with the bull (and the guy in the background lol!). Hope you're enjoying your NYC stay. You look very chic in that jacket.

  8. LOL at your title! The financial districts in any city creep me out – I feel nauseous and must run for caffeine, colour, and laughter in the company of other hippy chicks! You look so young and breezy in this photo. I love your your gloves and scarf – well, the whole look. 

  9. Go, hippy chick! I like your observations on Wall Street. You look stunning by the bull, your flying jacket rocks and the green scarf and gloves prove that you look fabulous in colour. x

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