In The City Of My Heart

We’re in the center of the universe, as I view it: New York City and the West Village to be specific. We’re staying on Carmine Street, in our favorite little studio, and feeling like natives. I’ve got limited computer time on my iPad (that’s part of vacationing isn’t it?) so here’s a short post with some city scenes, and life philosophy.

new york city sheridan square

In Sheridan Square, across from the historic Stonewall Inn, considered the home of the gay rights movement.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I now qualify to receive limited Social Security benefits, whoo-hoo! Our bartender last night told Sandy to hold on to me because now I have “a steady income stream.” We were at the Ear Inn in Soho, our favorite joint for drink, food and carousing.


new york city mc sorleys

Another favorite: McSorley’s Old Ale House. An historic tavern where Abraham Lincoln And John Lennon used to drink (not together) – and no women allowed until 1970! Love the philosophy: “Be good or be gone.”

I couldn’t wait to wear my new velvet jacket, from Suzanne Carillo’s shop.

new york city carmine street

That’s our apartment building on the left! Our frozen goat milk yogurt store has been replaced with a soup shop. We’ll give it a go.


Stay fabulous,

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  1. Don’t you just love the vibe in NYC?? We used to visit every Labor Day Weekend, and try to stay in different parts of the city!! I love the fact that you can walk anywhere and there’s fabulous food on every corner!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Patti! So glad to hear that you’re spending it in your favourite place and looking wonderful in Suzanne’s jacket.
    How cool does that bar look? I’d be in there like a shot. Not sure if I fancy soup for breakfast….. xxx

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