I Was Tagged! Random Stuff, and What I Wore

One of my favorite bloggers, Ariane of Style Montreal Sud-Est, tagged me as part of a “Random Things” chain-blog event. This fun activity helps us get to know each other better and uncover some deep, dark secrets!

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

So first, eleven random things about me:

I am the eldest of three sisters, by twelve and fourteen years
My natural hair color is now 100% silver
My favorite movie is Witness, with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis
I won’t ride on a roller coaster
I have a blueberry muffin for breakfast nearly every Sunday
I love cheap mystery thrillers
I’m married to a guy who worked on the very first Space Shuttle
My next move will be to a condo with a view of the ocean
I love 7-Eleven coffee, more than any expensive brand
Best TV show of all time, imho: Six Feet Under
I like to burst into song at inappropriate moments (favorite: “I’ve Got To Be Me”)

Next, I must answer the questions Ariane set for me in her post:

What do you think makes you unique: nothing more than makes each of us unique
What is your hidden talent: making up new lyrics to old songs
If you had the choice, where would you live: New York City!
The things you hate to do: hmmmm, change the kitty litter?
The worst injustice: inequality of all kinds
Fast fashion or vintage? Vintage all day long
Red wine or white wine? Red
What makes it that you will be losing your patience? Malfunctioning software
Favorite male actor and why? Gary Oldman – always interesting if a bit odd
High heels or low heels? Low, low, low
Favorite subject in school? French!

Finally, eleven new questions for you (anyone who wants to play) to answer about yourself: Soon we will have carpeted the entire universe with our questions and answers, and there will be no more need for reality television!  : >

Who’s the most unforgettable character in your life?
Disco or hard rock?
Female public figure you admire?
What you’ll never order on your pizza?
If you could have any profession, what would you be doing?
Best pet you’ve ever known?
What languages do you speak?
Least favorite household chore?
Who was your first crush?
Swimsuit: one piece or two?
Favorite poet or poem of all time?

Thanks for playing along. Here’s a simple, cozy outfit I wore today, featuring a pretty lace scarf gifted to me by my mother. The cotton skirt is by Tommy Hilfiger and the booties are by Tsubo. It’s nothing very special, but I really like the feminine vibe of the scarf against the sporty pieces.

Happy Friday eve to all!

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  1. Hi Patti, 

    I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Should you decide to accept (as they say in the Mission Impossible), the rules are stated on my blog. You're not pressured to follow thru…just my way of letting you know how much I like you &  your blog! I guess this is similar to tagging?


  2. Hi Patti,
    I love your answers!
    i loose my patience big time with malfunctionning software!
    Gary Oldman is one of my favorite as well
    Love your outfit, love the scarf around your waist, such a pretty feminine detail
    Have a good weekend Patti
    I will try to do the Visible Monday, i know i have been absent for a while…bit lazy i guess

    Ariane xxxx

  3. this is so weird…I know I left a comment last evening, but it doesn't appear.  Aaargh.  it was something about not being a fan of roller coasters myself.  And wondering why I hadn't listed software problems as my pet peeve.  it's right up there next to invisible comments.  🙂

  4. I loved him in Fifth Element, also in my top five  : >  And he was great in Immortal Beloved, as Beethoven.

  5. So we can watch a Six Feet Under marathon, have a blueberry muffin, and not ride a roller coaster together — the perfect day  : >

  6. Patti, I'm a white wine girl ' til I go down with my boots on!  Or should I say booties?  Cute post and nice to get to know you better.
    BTW if I sing I can clear a room.  I could actually be used as a national defense mechanism.  
    Your outfit is lovely.  This one is definitely the windshield (read my post for clarification)

  7. I won't ride a roller coaster either and I too drink excellent convenience store coffee!  And yes, of course, malfunctioning software–why didn't I mention that in my tags?

  8. Thanks Dawn – now I know we have yet one more thing in common — I've been known to write a few run-on sentences too   : >

  9. Patti, I really enjoyed reading your eleven random things.  We have more in common than I knew and I am so glad.  I love to break into song, I hate changing the kitty litter(poor kitties), six feet under was the most amazing  show with really odd and interesting characters and I am one of three sisters although I am the middle child and I would totally live in NYC but I would have to be single.  Great read.  Your sweater is such a great color and your scarf is so soft and pretty.  Have a great night…dawn suitcase vignettes

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