Hungry For Color

I am! I do love my grays and browns and (forever) blacks. I will wear them throughout spring and summer too. But I am starving for color right now.

I was in Charming Charlie’s yesterday (we got excused from jury duty a couple of hours early, and well, I was in the neighborhood). I didn’t buy anything, but the colorful displays got my pulse racing for the new season. The corals and yellows, especially, drew me in even though I don’t wear those close to my face.

All of a sudden, I am craving this. Nordstroms, $44

Then on one of the shopping channels this morning, I saw some dazzling flats in magenta, coral and mint. The neutral shades looked so lifeless in comparison.

Too wild? I love them anyway. Steven  by Steve Madden, $99

I am switching to my brighter lipstick and nail colors now, and lightening up my highlights (I’m not brave enough yet to do a pink streak like Ariane, but I’ve thought about it).

And I recently bought this dress from Lands End, a floral sensation:

This will be fun to accessorize. Lands End, on sale for $20

What has come over me, the Queen of Subdued Shades? Spring Fever.

What’s catching your eye in the color department? Are you going all out for emerald, like Bella? Or doing pops of brilliance like Pam (check out those shoes)?

Have a colorful, joyful Thursday,

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  1. I love the coral necklace and I can't wait to see you in the floral dress – it's so pretty!

  2. Allo Patti!

    Thanks for mentionning little me! you are so nice!
    Ya, my pink streaks makes people talk and wonder!
    I love my pink streak and you know what i'm keeping it even for job interviews!
    I'm not going for a bank job so i should be ok, hahaha!
    Love your choices, the necklace is stunning, i can see you wearing it!


  3. I love colour in spring. Coral, mint and turquoise are the popular colours in the Paris windows.

  4. I like the fresh looking shoes but my experience tells me they're not likely to be the ones I live in to their well-worn death. Still, in Spring who can resist? So I "popped" for a pair of mint flats at Target. If I surprise myself and wear them out I'll have gotten my $22.50 worth, if not, well — it's only $22.50.

  5. I'm a color gal so, Yes, happy color combo's are on my radar. Your choice of coral and mint are one of my all time favorite combinations. I think I need to go have a look through my closet.

  6. I'm so bored with my safe, black shoes and boots. I want more colored shoes! And I keep thinking about a pink streak in my hair, too. One of these days…

  7. I think we are all ready for spring colors. However, I dressed this morning in my winter uniform – black with a touch of red – and felt wonderful. So maybe I'm not as ready as I thought.

  8. I have the same fever right now. I have a floral cardi over a different floral shirt picked-out for tomorrow. Hopefully I wont induce a seizure in an innocent passer-by

  9. Thank you so much for the mention Patti…I love to POP a little color where ever possible. I also love those green shoes…I will dream about them tonight!! Thanks again!

  10. I do understand that craving for colour. I went out looking for black pants and a black skirt this week. I came back with no pants, a red and white polka dot skirt, an orange blouse and cami, and a creamy cardigan covered in monarch butterflies. This morning the only thing keeping me from buying the green skirt on the sale rack was the fact that it wouldn't go with any of my other new additions!

  11. Oh yes, I am dying for colour, even though the weather is keeping me firmly in my usual sludgy neutrals for the most part. Your new dress is gorgeous; can't wait to see it!

  12. Can't wait to see you style that gorgeous floral dress! I've been drawn to less vivid colors lately: navy, olive and brown. FOR SPRING. I've looking at a lot of these hues and wanting to wear them lightly, maybe we've swapped places on the color wheel?

  13. Not too wild at all!!! Love that necklace especially. I usually go for bolder colors– I have a hard time with pastels.
    Becky 🙂

  14. Love the pendant. It reminds me a lot of the brooch I bought last year to wear to Belle Fille's wedding. I attached it to a multi-strand turquoise/aqua bead necklace…I got many compliments on it. Color is always good to add to the colors you mentioned you like to wear. I wear the same core colors but use my accessories to brighten things up.

  15. Great choices! I don't think the shoes are too wild at all and they'd look wonderful on you! I have enough neutrals in my closet and vowed if I need to replace or add anything, I would look at a favourite colour version first.

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