How To Wear Slim Trousers At Any Age


I’ve been a big fan of loose trousers for ages. I love the easy fit, the deep pockets, and the fact that they fit if I have an eclair or two. But in doing the first exercise of The Curated Closet, in which we take daily pics of our outfits, I noticed I look more polished and modern in a slim pair of trousers or dark jeans. (I will report further on the book in a future post – it’s been truly helpful). I’m not going to quit my baggies, but I’ll style my slim pants more often. The fabulous women of Visible Monday provide examples and trouser inspiration.

As always, the first tip is: wear your slim trousers when you want to, styled the way you like them, and own it.

And there’s always room in my closet for a new pair of slim pants:

Jill from Doused In Pink wears slim-fitting distressed jeans in a completely modern way – with a camouflage print knit top, statement necklace and fringed booties. A gorgeous red coat tops it off.

Lizzy of What Lizzy Loves is also rocking slim jeans but with an unexpected element – a fully sequined sweater. Love her quilted red bag to add a shot of color. This is a fabulous look for any age, and I love the dressy/casual combination.

Susan of High Heels In The Wilderness shows how she styles three different pairs of slim pants: skinny jeans, leggings and trim leather trousers. She varies the lengths of her top pieces to create different shapes. Love the Stuart Weitzman patent loafers Susan is wearing with all the looks.


Anna of Anna’s Island Style went wonderfully colorful with bright print trousers and a brilliant print-mixing blouse. No one said we have to wear only black pants, eh?

Greetje of No Fear Of Fashion chose her cropped trim trousers to wear under a fab shirt dress, while visiting Paris (totally jealous now). I love this long-over-lean look, a fun way to style your slim pants.


How do you like to style your trousers?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab looks for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. I love Skinny trousers (and jeans) Patti.
    They are perfect for anyone with decent legs and either a short torso or one carrying a little extra bagage ;o).
    Skinny trousers and a flowing top is a perfect outfit in my book.
    Jill, Liz, Susan, Anna and Greetje all look fabulous!!
    I notice that the super long legged Susan and Greetje are rocking the flat shoes too… style and comfort.

  2. I think we should wear whatever the heck we want (although for me personally there are things I do NOT want to wear) and these women look awesome in their slim pants!

  3. Oh, wow…now that was a surprise. I’ve always loved slim trousers. Mostly because I have long legs and a very short torso. So full legged pants make me look huge. Thanks so much for the generous mention in your post:)

  4. I totally know what you mean, Patti!
    How many times had we been told (usually by other woman) that you shouldn’t wear your pants too tight? But I think sometimes we go to the other extreme…and especially now with the spandex in our pants—they can be fitted and we can still breathe at the same time!!
    Love these examples!

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