How To Wear Leather And Suede: Real Life Fashion Show

We grown-up, real-life women don’t need the runway (although it is fun to watch): we’ve got our own fashionistas, of all ages, every week at Visible Monday. For example, leather and suede are Fall classics and it looks like this week the Visibles brought it. From blazers to skirts and dresses, these awesome women rocked their leather and suede pieces.

Personal note: as a vegetarian, I have a conflict about wearing leather. I will buy and wear second-hand leather and suede, but I try to keep my new purchases to faux, except for shoes. My feet really need leather to function properly, as it breathes and expands. But no judging, you wear whatever you love and suits you.

As always, the first tip is: wear your leather and faux-leather when you want to, styled the way you like it, and own it.

And there’s always room in my closet for a Fall classic:



Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine wears a fabulous crimson leather blazer with a houndstooth scarf for accent. I think this color jacket is almost a neutral. See another great-looking suede jacket on Jess at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.


Jill of Doused In Pink is lovely in a suede sleeveless dress. Jill shows it with a classic ivory blouse underneath, and it can be worn any number of ways – over leggings, under a big sweater or tweed blazer, e.g. Her necklaces are wonderful too:


Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style looks amazing in a red leather pencil skirt, made dressy with a sheer blouse and open-toe booties. She says the blouse isn’t comfortable to wear often, but I hope we’ll be seeing this skirt again. See BiTi of Pret-A-Vivre for another cool leather skirt look.


Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo  is brilliant in rich leather accessories – black knee boots and gloves. That velvet coat is swoon-y too.


Anna of Anna’s Island Style is wearing a fitted and cropped tan leather jacket, and vintage suede flare trousers, and looking terrific. She says the trousers were purchased years ago for a princely sum, and well worth it. Agreed.


How do you like to style your leather pieces for Fall?

Stay fabulous,


Here’s more fab looks for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. Yes, I love it! Personality is far more important than shape or size when it comes to dressing. Therefore if that’s what you’re drawn to then you’ll feel comfortable wearing that style, and your confidence will automatically make you look amazing. Just go with what you love!! x

  2. Love these looks that you have put together. I havent worn leather for a long time but funny enough I teamed a soft leather jacket with a floaty dress just last night. With tights and boots I was happy with the new look and will definitely wear it again.and for my 53 years I thought I looked pretty cool ! Great post.

  3. I doubt I’d be wearing leather as much as I am now, if it weren’t for blogging and seeing how fabulous you can look in it!
    It’s funny how certain perceptions can keep us thinking only one way! That’s the true advantage of reading other woman’s blogs—it shows you how to rethink things!
    Great line up Patti!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out lovely lady!

    I also have a problem with wearing fur but seem to gravitate to leather when buying vintage and thrifted. I think it is because generally the items are so well made and last so long.

    I adore that red pencil skirt! Wowza!

  5. That cat bag in your montage is gorgeous!
    Gorgeous round up, Suzanne’s killing me with her velvet coat! I’m like you, I only wear vintage suede and leather. There’s so much great secondhand stuff available there’s no need to buy new. xxx

  6. You’re so precious Patti! Thank you for showcasing one of my favorite outfits to date!! The richness of these materials just makes me happy!! And so do you….blessings for a fabulous day!!

  7. Aw, Patti, thank you for the mention! I love all of these outfits and am a BIG fan of faux leather and suede. I think what I love most is the richness of these materials, and you will be seeing many more outfits from my closet with the two.
    Also love the first pair of boots you shared with RS!
    jess xx

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