How To Swoon Over Your Clothes

I’ve always wanted to wear clothes that looked good, naturally – so few of us dress to look wretched. But I would buy a lot of “useful” and fill-in-the-gap and on-sale pieces that looked fine, but didn’t move me. Now I mostly shop for clothes that make me swoon.

My shopping mantra is: Good enough isn’t good enough. And we don’t need a special occasion or a lot of $$ to wear what we love. One of the questions I ask when I contemplate a new purchase is, do I want to wear you right away? Am I excited about wearing you? Will you shout “pick me!” from my closet? This last question is borrowed from Olivia Goldsmith and Amy Fine Collins little treasure of a book, Simple Isn’t Easy.

There are so many clothes in the world, at every price point. In case I had doubted that, volunteering at the thrift store brings the point home. Clothes to the ceiling! If you leave an ivory tulle skirt behind because it doesn’t sing to you (as I did yesterday), be certain there is a skirt that will.

I like it but I don’t love it – the fabric feels cheap and it’s too full at the waist. A near-miss.

I used to exclude socks, workout clothes, and sleepwear from the “must love” requirement, but now I look for winners in those categories too. Why not have socks that make you happy, or a nightgown that makes you smile. Why not choose the softest tees as your basics, and your favorite color for your sneakers?

I love wearing my crisp white cotton nightgown. So pure! ☺

Wearing what I love means repeating pieces, and sometimes whole outfits, quite a bit. I don’t mind, and others don’t either – because no one is doing an audit of my wardrobe.

I look like this many days, with some version of a loose, light top and boyfriend pants.

Stay fabulous, and keep loving your closet,

Some of the objects of my swoon:

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