How To Stay (And Look) Cool This Summer: Visible Monday

How to stay (and look) cool this summer. It’s a challenge every year: how to keep your style train on the tracks when it gets sticky hot. In Florida, that stickiness starts in June, and lasts through October, so we need a lot of help down here.

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I like to wear cotton and linen in the heat. Lightweight knits are fine too, as long as they don’t grab me anywhere. Creative layering is not advised, and any piece that stands away from the body is going to be more wearable. So I fell hard for these checked cotton high-waist trousers, from the closet of the fabulous Melanie (Bag and a Beret).

Yes, Melanie gifted me these awesome wide-leg trousers (sim). Thanks, Mel! I still plan to creep into your closet after hours and have a good shop!

The blouse is 100% linen, and not the scratchy kind. I found it at Poshmark for under $20. I don’t often wear pastels, but this sea blue color makes me feel cool. I’m looking for a few more linen tops, and I embrace the wrinkles.

The vintage pendant was thrifted in NYC, as was the green cuff bracelet. Hat from My Sister’s Closet in Vancouver, and Sofft sandals were retail.
Stay cool, all you groovy cats. : >

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Those gingham trousers are fabulous and go so well with the linen top. Such a cool outfit. I totally agree with you regarding too clingy garments in extreme heat.

  2. Oh my goodness, aren’t these trousers just fab? You and Mel are such cool cats and this is truly cool summer dressing with real panache. Blue suits your colouring – I do hope we see more of it this year x

    • Thanks, Anna, and it’s wonderful to see you again! Love your colorful vacation dress, xox.

  3. Lovely and cool outfit, those trousers are fabulous and the linen blouse looks so fresh and comfy!, actually, you look gorgeous, comfy and cool!
    Taking your advice, I’ll try to stay cool as a groovy cat! ;D

    • Thanks Emma! Your climate is def more interesting than ours! Love your pink top with dressy silver trousers today, xox.

  4. Mel’s trousers look fabulous on you, Patti, and I love how you’ve combined it with the cool linen top. I’d like to have a rummage in Mel’s closet too 😉 xxx

    • Hi Ann and thanks for coming over! Your garden/jungle looks lush and beautiful. And your two new-to-you dresses are summer treats. xox

  5. Hahaha, no, I won’t mind!
    Those pants look amazing on you, Patti. So glad you could put new life into them, and with that soft blue linen, wow. Swish away! Sorry I don’t have anything to link up this week, but I’ll make up for it later. xo

    • Thanks again, Mel for the terrific stuff! I channeled your graceful moves (well I tried) while swanning around in these beauties. Have a beautiful Vancouver day, miss you! xox

    • Thank you Daenel, and thanks for linking up! Yes, check eBay for “high waist full pants” and you’ll find some good ones. xox

  6. Those are fabulous pants, Patti! They look awesome with that baby blue linen top. I’m planning a trip to Eastern Canada in July – when it will be HOT – and I’ve been looking to add some light linen. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die from the heat!

    Thank you so much for hosting!

    • Thanks dear Sheila, and thanks for coming over in your gorgeous mod dress. Light linen is sooooo good for hot and humid days. That’s a long trip for you, yeah? xox

    • Thank you Melissa, for your kind words! Your black jumpsuit is a super-chic look. xox

    • Agreed! Thanks for linking up, you look great in your pink blazer, xox.

    • Thanks, Rosemary and thanks for linking up! Your Bahamas cruise looks enchanting. xox

    • Thank you, Jessica! Your gingham check blouse is so fresh and pretty. xox

  7. Patti,
    Fabulous styling the linen top with your wide leg gingham pants.
    The temperature is rising in Atlanta and now it’s summer fashion time!

  8. I have never understood why people get so upset when linen wrinkles. Goodness gracious, that’s how you can tell it is real linen!

    Also: real skin wrinkles. That’s how you can tell a person is genuine, too. (My tongue is firmly in my cheek for this statement.)

    • Thanks so much. I had the same skin “wrinkle” thought so I’m glad you wrote it! : >

  9. We hardly have heat like you do so I don’t have to think about my clothes like that. But I can see how it’d be helpful not to have things clingy to you!!
    It’s a fabulous look, Patti. I love the pastel blue on you….you should wear it more.

    • Thanks Jodie. Your post about second-hand shopping is great – reminding us that even “new” pieces have been handled. xox

    • Thanks Amy. I loved seeing your happiness with your latest Stitch-fix box! xox

  10. Good of Mel to part with those great wide leg pants, Love the linen top too, always the best for hot, sticky weather. Many thanks for hosting, sorry I am on my side again, I cant seem to get vertical shots to post properly, no idea why.

    • Yes, Mel is a terrific friend to have! Thanks for coming over – your Melbourne finds are fabulous, as is that fashion museum. xox

  11. This does indeed look cool and comfortable. I’m a fan of wide-leg trousers for heat, and definitely err towards staying covered up! x

    • Thank you Porcelina. I enjoyed your most recent historic homes tour, and love the Bear Hut! xox

  12. What a cool and breezy outfit. Love that top, much cooler than a tee shirt. As always you certainly know how to rock a hat! x

    • Thank you dear Vix. I really was swept away to the past by your Tewkesbury tour, xox.

    • Thanks Nicole – you have a keen eye for proportions. And thanks for linking up from the top of the world! xox

    • Thanks Linda. I love the look of your Springtime backyard! Very inviting.

  13. I love this look Patti! Right now we are in the middle of a late spring storm and I had to go dig out my sweaters again…ugh! Looking forward to come sunshine again next week. BTW, I love the Dior lip glow, it’s a fabulous product!

    • Thank you Suzanne! You still have sweater weather, eh? You can rock a sweater, and thanks for the tips on the flared trousers. xox

    • Thank you Heather and thanks for visiting! Have a great week ahead, xox.

    • Thank you Anna, and thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  14. Patti, I’m loving the breezy coolness of that outfit. The blue suits you! The linen top, the fluid pants, and those sandals–all super cute! We’re still waiting for some heat here in SoCal–even sticky heat sounds better than this cool breezy stuff! Lol!
    xx Darlene

    • Thanks, Darlene – and I’ll trade you weather! : > Loving your wide leg crop jeans. xox

  15. Patti, you look fabulous and cool! Would love to have those pants in any color. The blue looks great with your coloring, you should wear more often.
    Cheers from Az. It is an unusual day in the 70,s. It is a challenge to be fashionable and cool in the extreme heat. Light weight clothes, more color!

    • Thanks Judy, for all your kind words! I am jealous of your cooler temps : > xox

    • Thanks, Pao. Your Docs are amazing, I need them. Have a happy week ahead, xox.

  16. You were lucky to get those fabulous wide leg pants from your friend – they are perfection for our hot, humid summer days! Linen is the best too – fantastic look for summer Patti!

    • Thanks Kelly. You look terrific in your floral wide-leg trousers! xox

  17. Can I join you in Mel’s closet? Have a great start of the week and thanks for hosting! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party!

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