How To Save Your Summer Skin

Summer can be fun and festive, and hard on our over-40 skin. We spend more time outdoors, get lots more sun exposure, and if we’re lucky, we can get a windburn from sailing our yachts along the coast. Salt water and chlorine pools are drying and even a fab vacation to a new latitude can shake up our skin.

Living in the sub-tropics, my summer skin has the advantage of high humidity and the blessing/curse of lots of sunny days. Here are some of the routines I follow and I would love to hear about yours in the comments:

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. They’ve gotten so much better in the last decade. Now there are high SPF creams that are actually gentle and effective. My favorites are the ones by Elta MD, especially this one for normal to combination skin. Not greasy, doesn’t sting, and it contains some skin-repairing ingredients.

summer skin care

Mild exfoliants. If your skin is the least bit oily (mine is oily in the T-zone), summer’s heat can clog your pores. I clean my face at night with Burt’s Bees cleansing cloths, and that gives me a good deep clean, plus the friction provides exfoliation. And they smell delicious too. I also use Retin-A 0.05 strength; I’ve used it for 35 years, and my facial skin is much clearer and sunspot-free than my body skin.

summer skin care
You’ve likely seen pictures like this, of identical twins: one has had lots of sun exposure and one hasn’t. It’s entirely possible, however, that the sun-loving twin on the left has had more exciting adventures. : >

Take your vitamins. Or, apply them to your skin. I buy serums from a wonderful company, The Ordinary (no sponsorship) that provide a good dose of vitamins C, E, and A to the skin on my face and hands.

Mascara and lipstick will do the trick. Hot days are not ideal for full-face makeup. Nothing like a sweaty, runny face to deflate your look. I usually wear just mascara and lipstick throughout the Florida summer. A little blush if we’re going out in the evening.

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Here’s some summer helpers:

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  1. Great summer time post. I absolutely loved the Burts Bees towelettes when I lived in the south. I would keep them in my bag in the summer and they were so nice and refreshing on those hot days! These days I’m in northern Utah, and my skincare routine is completely different due to the drier air (both a blessing and a curse, lol!). And yasssssss………sunscreen. Love your blog and thanks for “Visible Monday”!

  2. It is impossible to absorb vitamins through the skin, you have to get them inside you via the stomach! My best advice is get a couple of great hats and sunglasses, and never leave the house without them. Maybe something for a post? Sunnies will stop the squinting, preventing the wrinkles which surely follow.
    Survival for summer: Water, sunnies, hat.

  3. My dermatologist recommended Elta MD sunscreen and said it may be beneficial for rosacea, too. Is it still available only online?

    • Hi Carol – I get mine at the derm’s office, but it’s the same price as online : >

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