How To Rock A Kimono At Any Age

Most of the garments we call “kimonos” in the shops don’t fit the definition of traditional Japanese clothing. As I learned when I was at a vintage show in Manhattan, and thought I had bought one, there are fairly strict definitions of kimono. Read more about their history and present interpretations here.

Kimono are generally made out of silk, as is the obi, and may consist of many layers beneath the initial robe that you see. The outer layer has beautiful decorations that often suit the season the kimono was made for varying from birds to flowers and other plants. The colors are also a reflection of the season themselves. Often, bright colors will be worn for summer and cooler colors for seasons like winter.

In this post, I’m using the word kimono in a less traditional way, to describe a topper that has a basic T shape, and flows loosely over the body. These pieces always look completely comfortable, and add lightweight color and beauty to any outfit.

Wear a short, sheer kimono over an easy dress: Jamie of Shop Your Closet looks polished and pretty in a sheer, graphic print topper. It adds a terrific finish to a pale blue shift and colorful necklace. And it’s light as air and perfect for summer.



Try a long, side-slit kimono in a vintage print: Shelbee of Shelbee On The Edge chose a midi-length kimono to add polish to a classic white-and-denim summer outfit. The straw hat and funky block-heel sandals give the whole look a relaxed, vintage vibe.

Wear a striking print over a tee and denim shorts for a cool contrast: Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust is lovely and imaginative in a long, floral print kimono jacket. As with Shelbee, Debbie makes a statement by combining the print with a classic white and denim summer outfit. And awesome booties, do want.

Go luxe with a long satin style: Cherie of Style Nudge is wearing a vintage kimono, over an animal print midi dress. This is such a sophisticated and luxurious look, with an authentic vintage handbag, and designer sandals as the finishing touches.



Stay fabulous, and wear what you love,


Some kimono and related beauties to browse:

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  1. What’s not to love about a flowy drapy garment that can kick an outfit from the realm of okay into absolutely fabulous? All of these women look fantastic in their kimono-style robes.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a kimono style garment in my wardrobe, but with so many styles to choose from, there’s got to be one for me out there! xxx

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