How To Personalize (Boring?) Basics: Visible Monday

How To Personalize (Boring?) Basics. I’ve stumbled onto one of the best advantages about aging and style: boring no more! Two decades ago I would have worn an upscale gray skirt like the one I’m wearing here with a solid sweater, black tights and basic pumps. Maybe added a simple pendant. Age and style confidence lets us play with closet basics and make them personal, and fun.

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“Goodbye,” said the fox. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The sleepy foxes below are a personal touch that I’ve come to love: a tee or sweater with a positive message or image. This sweater is a lightweight cotton, purchased retail at J. Crew Factory. How I wish my cats would cuddle each other like these foxes. Instead, there’s a couple of hisses/growls, and they move along with tails swishing.

This curly wig is one of my new favorites, it’s kind of angelic-looking (heh!).

The button-front skirt has great lines, and feels like a fine wool blend. I thrifted it at the Greenwich Village Goodwill. Argyle tights are a playful touch (and it’s chilly in Florida today – 68 degrees!).

The navy blue lace-up boots by Sofft are another piece I’ve grown to love. They would’ve been way too “weird” for my taste in years past. 😊

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Cold and tights at 68F – that’s a warm summer’s day in the UK!!!! I absolutely love that hair of yours – yes it’s a wig but it’s amazing!

    • thank you, Stephanie. You look like Spring in your all-white outfit (plus fab Gucci belt!). xox

    • Thank you, Ada, for the kind words, and for linking up. Have a wonderful week ahead! xox

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for linking up – your yellow outfit is cheery against the snow. xox

  2. Patti, what a cute look on you! I love the preppiness of the argyle tights! It really works. And I agree about the curly wig–it looks natural and sweet on you!

    xx Darlene

  3. You look awesome, Patti! I love the fun sweater. Isn’t it great to be able to feel free to wear whatever the heck we want? I love it – so liberating.

    Thank you so much for hosting!

    • It is so liberating, for sure. Love the recap of your anniversary trip – what fun! And I have a new term, “kitty spaghetti” for what my cats do to the rag rug. xox

  4. Yes to style confidence. I love the way you amped up this luck with the graphic sweater and argyle tights! This post is much like the sentiments that I expressed in my post today. Great minds think a like. 68° in Florida. Lucky you! Enjoy

    • Great minds do think alike, Elle! Thank you for linking your post, and have a lovely week ahead! xox

  5. So love your sweatshirt and foxes – they are so wiley and independent. We sometimes spot one wandering round in the countryside near us. They always make me smile.

    • I love to see a fox, too. Sweet faces. Your print Spring dress looks wonderful! xox

    • Haha! My blood runs cold after 33 years in Florida! Thanks for linking up, xox.

  6. Love the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote, and your foxes sweater adds a playful touch to your outfit! xxx

    • Thanks, Ann. Your re-do on the sleeves of your vintage dress is smart! Happy Spring : > xox

  7. Pugs cuddle up like those foxes : ) I guess we need another one for Zoë to love but I don’t know if my house can accommodate that much more fur. I already have difficulty keeping up with her shedding.

    I adore Le Petit Prince. It is one of my favourite books of all time.

    I think you’ve really claimed your unique sense of style and this outfit shows it off brilliantly. The right mix of classic and quirky.

    78? That’s summer! LOL


      • LOL! My “chilly” is probably shorts weather for you. I want to go look right now at some pics of pugs cuddling. Zoe alone is already too cute to handle, though. xox

    • Thank you Emma. Your outfit is fab and you win the day with your Muppet shoes! xox

    • Thanks Jess and thanks for linking. Loved your post with the Pitt tee and the vocabulary lesson : > I love this: “Gimme an Arn”. xox

  8. Such a fabulous job, well done. My dog isn’t very friendly either, although she barks from a distance – lol. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Thanks Jacqui. I enjoyed your writing about your “grown up” kids and how you still want to care for them. That’s lovely. Great graphic tee too! xox

    • Yes, we’re on the same channel today, Mireille! Love how you styled your basics. xox

    • Thank YOU, Kellyann, for linking up. Your Prime Wardrobe dresses are gorgeous! xox

  9. I absolutely love your hair, Patti! The skit is fab, with those buttons it’s got a really cool 1970s vibe going on and the sweatshirt is adorable, I wish my boys would cuddle like those foxes, too. xxx

  10. Your Hair is fantastic! And the top is so cute. Thanks for hosting and have a great start of the week.

    • Thank you, Nancy. Your menswear look is fantastic, it really suits you with your feminine shape and hair! xox

  11. I love your quote – being English we hit a certain age and rejoice in eccentricity! Your top is adorable with the foxes. I’d love to get it for my sons girlfriend – they has 2 foxes in their garden but have just moved and are missing them xx

    • Thank you, Maria. I’ve always looked forward to being eccentric! Foxes in the garden are delightful. xox

  12. Totally agree Patti, we do enjoy playing with the not so predictable as we age. Love the top , tights and boots.
    Many thanks for hosting . Not sure why my image is on its side again ,oh well.

    • Hello, Jill! I think your new hair color is quite beautiful, and I understand how we can be disappointed at the salon, as well. Have a wonderful start-of-Fall week ahead, xox.

  13. You look stunning. Love the cats sweater. Do you really still need tights down in Florida? This week people up here in the Interior ran already around in Bermudas and T-shirts with flip flops as temperatures were in the 50s.

    • LO! We are conditioned to different temperatures, yeah? There are Northeners frolicking in the ocean as I wear my tights. Thanks for coming by! xox

    • Thanks Debbie. I’m loving your long boho skirt and see lots of possibilities as the seasons change! xox

  14. Love the shirt. The tights would be way too hot for me with the weather in the 60s. I would save them for fall.

    • Hi Heidi and thanks for coming by! I run cold, so I enjoy my tights through Spring. Have a lovely week ahead, xox

  15. Wow! Sexy hair, Patti! Your shirt sweetly advertises your “vixenhood.” : )

    I love jazzing up dull basics like my old jeans and a hoodie with long, wild earrings, colorful boots or shoes, a few crazy color streaks in my hair and red lipstick or brilliantly colored eye liner.

  16. Such a cute top Patti and so are the leggings. It’s so important to stay true to yourself without making compromises just to please the crowd

    • thanks, Anna. You look terrific in your cropped blazer and yellow skirt! xox

    • Thank you, Vale! Your sweatshirt-with-midi skirt look is so fresh and pretty. xox

  17. The average person would run screaming from what I consider my “closet basics”.

    The foxes and the curly hair — so sweet!

    • LOL! I adore your “closet basics” and they show off your creative self. xox

    • thanks Jodie. Yeah, clothing is FUN! I know you like interesting leg-wear and foot-wear too. xox

  18. Patti, you’re a foxy chick. And a very chic one too. I’m finding that my fashion tastes are evolving into a much less conforming style. So freeing and less restrictive. You’re a fabulous mentor on how to achieve this. Thanks for the inspirations.


    • Thank you, Rena, for all the kindness. I look forward to seeing your work-week’s outfits – and the footwear is extra-good! xox

  19. Love the sweater with the graphic. Reminds me of when we all did Not Lambs challenge all over social media about 5 years ago. Yes the curly hair is fab. Thanks for the link up and have a good week .

  20. Love this cute “basic” sweater with foxes hugging . We need some positive signs sometimes to cheer up even if it is just a cute print like the one you have on your sweater . The skirt looks neat and warm perfect in between season.

    • Thanks so much, Rama. I admire your skills in creating short-hair looks with long hair! xox

    • thanks Heather. I love the pale pink pleated skirt you’re featuring today! xox

  21. I do like positive graphic shirts but for some reason I just don’t find any that just right for me-ah, some day. .Love the foxes on your sweater but they just like my chickens too much…:-)

    • Oh sorry about the chickens! I like your long, lean vest today, very versatile. xox

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