How To Blend Past With Present

I don’t agree with the hackneyed style advice: “If you wore it the first time around, skip it this time.” I love to recycle old looks, with a modern twist. I don’t wear 60’s styles literally, as if I were 14 again; no more micro-minis for moi. But I still enjoy a cotton peasant top, or shortie boots, or fishnet hose.

Here are some pieces that, no matter what Vogue says, will never see daylight on my body again:

  • Overalls. Even if we move to a farm. Adorable on lots of women, not for me.
No for me, but I love the necklace. Source.
  • Bare midriffs, except in the bath. This look comes around every couple of years, although I think crop tops are fading just now. No matter, my middle is for my eyes only.
  • Hello Kitty. Wear her if you love her. ☺
I changed my mind; Steampunk Kitty is awesome.

I wore versions of the following pieces when they were “new”, and I’m happy to see them come around again. I love authentic vintage pieces but will go for repros if they’re well done, especially re: shoes.

  • Peasant blouses. I wore them at 15 and wear them now. They’re just my style – feminine and not too serious.
Love, love this top from Anthro.
  • Earthy sandals. Nice, thick leather and you can walk all day in NYC in these.
I wore similars in the 70’s These are from Nordie‘s, $70.
  • Maxi and midi skirts. If you know my blog, you know it’s true.
  • Long floral print dresses. I have pictures of me in high school wearing these. I love a long, floral “festival” dress. With earthy sandals, of course.

What about you? Are you vintage/retro all the way (like Vix and Curtise), a modern fashionista (like Angie) or a merry mix?

Stay fabulous,

Come browse the oldies with me:

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