How To Beat The Heat And Look Chic

How to beat the heat and look chic. This is a Most Serious Topic in Florida, where the 30-day forecast calls for 90 degrees and 110% humidity. We don’t mess around with heat down here. Sure, our homes are mostly air-conditioned . . . and where do we go except for home these days? 😊   But you still have to get out once in a while, for a walk, or a short, sanitary trip to the grocery mart, or if you’re lucky, for a quick dip at the beach or pool.

We’re fortunate to live on the ocean, but you couldn’t flutter a flower with ocean “breezes” in July. I look into my closet with a yearning to dress well, even if it’s just for an evening stroll. Most everything in the closet looks back at me and laughs, “You can choose me but you’ll be a melted popsicle in ten minutes.”

My denim skirt feels way too heavy, my short-sleeve knit dresses feel too smothering. And never mind my hair, which has its own story in the Florida summer. I’ve been trying to achieve a St. Vincent look but usually end up more like this:

Love the freckles, though. Source.

I’ve experimented on how to beat the heat, and stay stylish. Here’s what works for me, and I’d love to hear your ideas:

Linen tees and tanks. I adore these because they don’t stick to your skin, they look modern and fresh, and are easy to wash/hang up to dry. I’ve got a black one from Etsy and plan to add a cream linen tank. They go with everything!

Light and easy, with a modern vibe. Source.

Loose fitting open neck tees. Look for 100% cotton. No tight fits, and definitely no tight sleeves. I prefer an open neckline or a vee-neck, even though a high-neck tee is more current.

I love the cap sleeve, and would prefer a lower neckline. Source.

Silk skirt. It doesn’t sound like the coolest garment but silk is actually comfortable in the heat. A medium weight is best, and I hand wash mine in gentle soap, hang to dry. I’m crazy for the mermaid midi styles that are no longer “in”. Don’t care, I find them on eBay, Poshmark and Thredup for under $50. They’re super-smart with a cotton tee knotted at the waist, or a linen tank.

So cute with a tee and sandals. Source.

Bermuda shorts. I don’t wear shorts. Until I do! I needed something to wear for walking that wasn’t my usual ratty running shorts. I didn’t like wearing the ratties into a coffee shop for a to-go latte. So I relented and bought these super-comfortable Bermuda shorts on Amazon. I’m trying to wean myself from Amazon but sometimes they hit the button just right.

These look like mine. I gave in.

Bonus: portable ice pack I fold one of these frozen plastic pouches into my bandana and tie it around my neck. Jaunty and icy cool!

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” – Langston Hughes

How do you beat the heat? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus. Meanwhile, browse these treats:

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  1. My ever-helpful husband-the-engineer figures the answer is a bra with gel inserts that can be kept in the freezer, then slid into pockets in the bra just before going out. He also wants to make one with a teeny, tiny little fan built between the cups, pointing inward, powered by a teeny, tiny little heat exchanger running off our own body heat. I tell him it’s a damn good thing he’s as cute as he is ’cause I’m not sure he’s going to make it as a fashion designer 🙂

    • LoL. Your husband is a creative fellow! Stay cool and safe, Janet, and thanks for coming over. xo

  2. Even short sleeves are too hot so sleeveless is preferred. To me, cotton knits are much hotter than woven fabrics, whether of cotton, linen, flax. Anything that doesn’t cling. Can’t stand polyester no matter the season; it is never comfortable. A blessing in Colorado is that nights are cool even when days are in high 90s.

    • Hi Carol! Those cool nights must feel like heaven. Thanks for visiting and stay safe and fab, xo.

  3. Love the silk skirt + bermuda shorts. I love bermuda shorts but yours are $$$. Nope

    • Hi MP and thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a lovely day and stay well, xo.

  4. the American Doll picture made me laugh! lol! so cute! i am in Northern California, and it’s going to be high 90’s+ until October 31st….might be low 90’s in Oct…low 90s compared to 101F feels like winter hahaha!
    love that the animal prints coming back in! especially in a bias cut silky slip
    xo eva

    • Good morning, Eva – it sounds like it’s hotter in CA than in Florida! Have a safe and happy day and thanks for coming over, xo.

  5. Yes, in the sweltering miasma of a Southern summer, you want linen, cotton, silk, and rayon — as loose as possible while not looking like a walking advertisement for a tent company. I eschew short pants and short sleeves, though, since I prefer my clothing to act as mechanical sunscreen. The lotion stuff slides right off in the wet heat.

    We used to call that skirt a “trumpet skirt.” Might be easier to find if you use that for a search term … I sew my own, so can call it whatever the heck I want to call it.

    Stay cool!

    • Hi Lin and thanks for coming over! And I agree with not wanting to look like a tent ad : > Now I am indoors, loving all the modern conveniences. I hope you have a great, safe day, xo.

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