How To Be Super Refined, Or Super Lazy . . .

Tell me you’ve done this: I wore the exact outfit two days in a row last week, and no one (not even, or especially, my husband) noticed. It was just my stretchy black skinnies and an oversized vee-neck sweater, and my new oxfords.

Also, the silk haori I found at the NYC Vintage Show.

I’m in the mood to wear something like this every day. Skinny stretchy bottoms, knit top, and mannish shoes or booties. Some great jewelry – like my vintage bracelet from Bella’s shop, or a pendant. A velvet or denim jacket if it’s cool. Red lipstick and fuzzy hair. That’s me right now, and I’m enjoying it. Next month, who knows? Gypsy skirts and ballet slippers . . . .

Here’s all I need:

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I could decribe my recent style as finely curated, or super lazy. ☺
What are you dressing in these days?

Stay fabulous,


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  1. What am I wearing…warm layers. It's getting rather cold in the UK. Still, I have my trip to Brazil to look forward to, alas, that's not happening til February.
    Love your kimono, btw… are those little sequined embellishments or is it printed? I can't quite make out, but whichever it is, it looks fab.

  2. Oh yes, I have done this. You could wear a tutu two days in a row and many people won't notice. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be that newsman who wore the same suit to work for a YEAR and nobody noticed. I love your haori. You bet I would notice.

  3. Great look! Why not wear it often. I'm loving your silk haori. Very chic and unique.

  4. Most definitely finely curated. This simple, yet stylish attire is right up my ally and believe me, I would be joining you in the two-in-a-row category. In fact I seriously did the same thing this week (but twice), once wearing my silky jogger pants with a v-neck tee and oversized cardi and the other days wearing stretchy skinnies with an oversize sweater. And I've been throwing on my slip on black vans with just about everything. Lazy??? No, I call it super refined and smart!

  5. Since we are in the middle of a snowstorm fleece PJs tonight binge watching Les Revenants. (loving it!) I'm looking forward to going to BC next week and leaving this snow behind. Then hopefully I'll get my style vibe back.

    Really love those shoes.


  6. I'm dressing ultra-sparkly these days! I can't put up any Christmas decoration (cat eats everything), so I'm being the decoration myself.

    I do dress ultra-casual at home: long ballet skirt, cashmere sweater, cashmere scarf, soft socks and wool slippers.

    I love this look on you, Patti! Such a great contrast with your innate femininity and the masculine accents.

  7. I am going to wager a guess that we all do it on some level, especially with our favorites. I have a jacket I really love right now , so I have worn it to several fashion events in town. One younger blogger came up last week and said, "Oh you are wearing that jacket that I love again," Some how it felt like a dig…but I am still glad I wore it!

  8. I love your recent style. I seem to be having a similar moment though I believe it has something to do with being exhausted and mostly at home. I want simplicity and comfort right now but better than sweat pants. I also want soft and muted colours and am happily wearing the colours of my landscape-greys, browns, muted greens and blues.
    Love your oxfords and you have me re-thinking them.

  9. I have totally done this! I work in three different offices, different days of the week, so I figure no one is there to notice!

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