Gratitude Saturday; Visible Monday Reminder

As always, life is busy and flies by. We’re getting ready to move to our new apartment (two blocks away, but still – every cotton ball has to be moved). And as always, there’s lots to show gratitude for; I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

1. Long days and time to enjoy the outdoors after dinner. The temperatures cool to the 80’s and there’s still plenty of light to take a beach walk. The sea is always beautiful, whether smooth or rough.


Lucky to live by the sea.


2. Thrift store scores. Best of the week are this magenta silk top by Elie Tahari  and this fab little wallet by Fossil, with enough pockets for every-freaking-card I haul around. Wait, what, you have a streamlined wallet? I envy you.


The fabric is  ombre’d, and some of those dots are the camera flash, dangit. But it’s a lovely color.


My iPhone 5 fits perfectly . . . but don’t I need the iPhone 6??


3. Breaking Bad and Daredevil on Netflix. Sandy and I look forward to the late evening hours when the chores are done, cats are fed, and we crawl into bed to read our novels, or watch a movie. These two series are among our current favorites. I know – I am five years late to discover Breaking Bad, but now we are hooked. Daredevil is just plain eye candy, no thoughtful exposition is required.

4. End of summer sales on stuff we can still wear and enjoy. Tees and tanks, and cotton skirts, bathing suits and sandals and espadrilles. Still lots of time to appreciate the summer-only pieces, even as we start foraging for the cooler days ahead.

Here are some of my favorite pieces now at irresistible prices:


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  1. What an idyllic photo by the beach,Patti. I hope the move goes well and that there is plenty of wardrobe space for all your excellent purchases!

  2. I once moved across the street. Take it from me, pack all your things as seriously, and as well organized, as if you were moving them across country. It will make all the difference. Good luck.

  3. Every time I see photos from where you live I am jealous. Such a view!

    Glad to hear things are progressing with the move.

    Great score on the top and wallet! I love that you chose a bold bright saturated colour!

    Grateful today for eating homemade waffles out on our deck while listening to the birds.

    BTW…we watched Luther on Netflix and I can highly recommend it.


    • homemade waffles, and an adorable pug. sounds like heaven. Oh yeah, Luther is the boss. xox

  4. What a lovely post and a good reminder to stop and be ‘in the moment’. I’m grateful for so much in my life and my family, my Tribe are part of me breathing in and breathing out with gratitude.
    When I wake up to such a beautiful day and say my Thank You to the Universe … I’m a happy camper.

    • Thank you for this Carole! You sound like a positive person in all your writings. xo

  5. I’m so with you on late night and movies – love love Breaking Bad. Taped all the episodes!

    You look lovely by the beach.

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