Good News Thursday: Smart Women, Happy Elephant

Just happy news today, as there’s plenty enough sad and worrisome stories in the “regular” news.

1. Woo-hoo! I read this on BBC News today:

An Iranian mathematician working in the US has become the first ever female winner of the celebrated Fields Medal [the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in Mathematics].
In a landmark hailed as “long overdue”, Prof Maryam Mirzakhani was recognized for her work on complex geometry.
In becoming the very first female medallist, Prof Mirzakhani – who teaches at Stanford University in California – ends what has been a long wait for the mathematics community.
The news is inspiring to young women working in/studying math and science. Compute on, Professor Mirzakhani!

2. Elephants are sensitive, highly intelligent animals Here’s a story that made me smile, via The Good News Network:

An orphaned elephant that spent half a century in chains is enjoying his freedom after being rescued in India.

Officials at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center were afraid Raju would never be able to reconnect with his own species.

Leave it to the ladies to make Raju feel welcomed. The Herd of Hope, how great is that?
But, when Raju arrived unshackled at his new home, welcoming female elephants trumpeted a friendly hello.

“Three of our female elephants Laxmi, Chanchal and Sai Geeta ran up to him – their ears flapping wildly –a sign they were excited and delighted to meet him.

All of them were rescued from a life of suffering and now are known collectively as the Herd of Hope.

3. And finally, I had to share this video sent to me by my animal-loving friend Joni. A dog regrets leaving her toy out in the yard:

Have a day filled with good news, and stay fabulous,

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  1. Three things to start the day off with a smile! Excellent news about Prof. Mirzakhani; she's brilliant, and has a cool hair cut! I loved watching that fox toss that toy around – I had no idea they would do that.

  2. That fox is so bouncy! Maybe the dog just wanted to join in 🙂
    Thanks for the good news post. Much needed.XO JJ

  3. One great post, Patti! Thanks.
    Excellent news about Prof. Mirzakhani. As you say, high time. And especially gratifying that it's for a young woman's achievement in mathematics. So many of us have struggled there. And look, she's got a pixie cut! There must be a correlation , don't you think?
    I'm always hesitant to read even positive articles about elephants these days. Their plight is so dire and there's so much bad news that it overwhelms the good stories. Glad I read this one, but I have to say I feel my eyes well up at the pathos that's still there.
    Poor doggie!

  4. Oh that adorable fox! Love the story about the elephants, and we have been talking to Claudia about the mathematician and her achievement – Claud's a maths whizz, so we're encouraging her to keep at it! xxxx

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