Going the Extra Mile . . . Worth It!

Anybody fall prey to “good enough” dressing and then regret it? Example: For a casual lunch out with my husband in our small city, a pair of Bermuda shorts, a clean tee and sandals would be Good Enough. No complaints from the husband, no horrible fashion faux-pas.

But before I head out the door, I feel not-quite-right. I sense I am wasting an opportunity to look more like the confident woman I am. I change into a summery skirt, add a fitted white tee and higher wedge sandals. I repeat my fashion mantra: “Everything I wear makes me feel great”. Why shouldn’t it? Why should a piece of clothing drape itself around me if it’s not beautiful anymore, or if it looks ordinary?

No judgments here: wear what pleases you, gives you comfort and suits your fancy at any given moment. For me it’s becoming a matter of not “giving up and going along” with the good-enoughs. I’m not at a stage in my style evolution in which I want to add a lot of new ideas. I want to refine, tweak, cultivate. I want to elevate above Good Enough to Ahhhh, Just Right.

Good Enough:

Good Enough Set

I Feel Great:

Just as easy to wear but with 10% more style than my Bermudas
I’ll never have this hair – that’s OK – but I DID add a cool necklace like this
The books I mentioned in my previous post have helped me boost my style for daily wear. The TV show “What Not To Wear” has also helped. I can hear Stacy and Clinton in my head: “Style is not effortless!”

So many of my fabulous fellow bloggers have inspired me to upgrade my casual wear. Here are just a handful of the many posts that have helped snap me out of my ruts. Oh sisters, I know I am leaving out bajillions of great posts too!:

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What I Wore 2Day, Color Yourself Happy
Already Pretty, What Do You Want To Look Like?

I’d love to hear your feedback – if you’re reading fashion blogs, you’re interested in style, so you probably do Go The Extra Mile, right?

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  1. Allie – thanks for reading, your blog is a great inspiration and so well-written!

    Paula – you do knock 'em dead daily : >

  2. Thanks for the link love, and to be in the company of such other great bloggers!

    And you are so right, that skirt is just as easy as shorts but miles more style and pizazz!

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