Friday Fun, Farewell to Shuttle, and What I Wore

Have you seen this video yet? If not, prepare to laugh. I am not tired of it; in fact I love this doggie (his real name is “Clark”) more every time I watch. I want to feed him a big steak sandwich.

That’s all I got! My husband, who worked on the launch of the very first Shuttle in 1981, is at Kennedy Space Center today to watch the very last launch. When I first met him, he asked me if I wanted to see his Astronaut Application form (what a funny guy). We’ve got a lot of emotions about the Shuttle program ending, and still we recognize it is time for change. I get a big old lump in my throat at every launch, as humans break the bonds of earth.

I chose a simple column-style look for the office today. This pic makes my shoulders look linebacker-big, but they’re really just average. This is a rare head-to-toe retail outfit; I almost always include a thrifted or consignment piece.

Knit top: Anthropologie, Belt: New York and Co., Skirt: Urban Outfitter,
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

I hope your Friday is wonderful in every dimension.

Reminder:  Monday July 11th is Visible Monday, a group posting for anyone who’d like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I’ll post all the pics and links here!
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  1. You look very, very elegant in this outfit. It is all just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing the video with us. I laughed so hard. I would love to know how that is done.

  2. Patti, Beautiful! It's such an elegant look! I think sometimes, because I take pics of myself everyday; I can overthink and try to be TOO creative. And most often, I strike out when I do that. But simplicity hits it out of the park every time! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  3. Oh, I love me some grey. You look so elegant! Sounds like the launch came off without a hitch. And you're right, the video is a hoot!

  4. You look elegant, chic and modern! Great work!

    I'm planning on participating this Monday…. Actually, I was planning on participating last Monday but spent the day in bed with the flu 🙁 Looking forward to this Monday!

  5. I like the long skirt and the bracelets in this outfit ! I beleive that one of the few things humans should feel proud is art , science and technology. We pretty much fucked everything else

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