Favorite Over-40 Summer Looks, and Visible Monday

Arms and legs and necks are coming out from under cool-weather clothes. Linen and cotton and light prints are showing up, and pedicures are on the schedule. We women over 40 enjoy summer as much as anyone, and many of us choose to not show off a lot of skin (if you do, you go, you) while we stay cool and calm.

Here’s some favorites from real-life women who have figured out summer chic formulas:

“Wafty” dresses. These loose and flowy dresses are ideal for summer style, while providing a nice amount of coverage. They don’t touch our skin, and a breeze can make it right through the lightweight fabric.

summer dress alyson

Here’s a lovely floaty dress by Cotton Conscious, as introduced by Alyson of That’s Not My Age. Too floaty for you? This company makes lots of cool designs.

Jumpsuits. As long as they don’t grab us, summer weight jumpsuits are stylish one-stop dressing. Open the collar, roll up the sleeves, and add a few bright accessories.

summer looks Shelley

Shelley of Forest City Fashionista (via the Style Crone‘s blog) stays cool in a drapey print pantsuit, and her fab hairdo is instant air-conditioning.

Airy blouses and trousers, a warm weather classic. If you don’t love wearing shorts, how about a pair of lightweight, flowy trousers in a floral print. Show some shoulder if you like, and go light on the jewelry.

summer looks

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb put together a chic summer outfit with cropped wide trousers and a chambray top.

Knee skirts and no hose! I love to wear a skirt in the warm months, to let the air circulate. Bare legs are even better, as Greetje demonstrates.

summer Greetje

Gorgeous Greetje of No Fear of Fashion pairs a lightweight blouse with a knee length skirt, and forgoes the hose. Great summer shades and bag too.

Stay fabulous, stay cool, and see you at Visible Monday,

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Here’s some more easy summer pieces:

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  1. Great ideas! I recently noticed a huge display of jumpsuits in a shop and thought they looked great — then remembered wearing them in my 20s and 30s. Hated the way I had to completely undress in order to use the toilet. Can’t imagine myself putting up with that now that I’m over 60. (Unless there is some sort of secret to using the toilet that I’m unaware of?) LOL!

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