Farewell To My City; Hello To My Sixties

We’re on our way home after a memorable stay in the big city. As always I have ideas running through my head, and I will share them with you next week – about fashion, aging, how we choose to live our lives, and where to get the best coffee.

We’ve attended several science lectures at the World Science Festival, learning about an infinite universe, dark matter, Einstein, and evolution.  Here’s Sandy looking smug at NYU, like he owns the joint:

I have had less interest in fashion this trip than previously. I still love the thrifts and vintage shops, and do a lot of people-watching. I dress myself simply however, for the temperatures and for long walks. I did have my hair styled at the Nick Arrojo salon however. Remember Nick from What Not To Wear? I didn’t get to see him, but the gorgeous Olga diffused my curls.

We took a picture in this same spot last May – I love the blue brick wall. This year I am less chic but ever so happy in my cotton skirt and thrifted top. That is a Kate Spade purse I thrifted for $30; I’m not dead yet. And I just turned 60.

The sign behind me is the legendary Cafe Wha? where Dylan, Hendrix and lots of icons once played.

Here is the defiant Hess Triangle, the tiny (25″ across) piece of real estate the Hess family refused to cede to the City in 1922. It’s at one of the busiest intersections in the Village. Love that New York attitude.

I am sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts much this week. I have to share my device with the actual working man, and squeeze everything in. Next week I will be back to gleefully poking my nose into all your business, I promise. ☺

Stay fabulous and see you soon,


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