Simple Warm Weather Looks; Visible Monday Reminder

If you live somewhere with a warm Spring and Summer, you may have to sacrifice your favorite cool-weather layering techniques, and keep your style simple. Having lived in Florida for 30 years, I have experience in trying to stay comfortable while retaining a scrap of style. And I think my “blood has thinned” (old folks’ saying), so I don’t feel the heat as intensely now. I’d love to hear your ideas about how you stay cool without resorting to running shorts (love those) and tank tops.

warm weather tee

I like to rotate a selection of cotton tees, and I prefer they have some personality – like this octopus/Kraken? I no longer fuss about showing my 61 year-old arms; it’s too hot to worry about a few lumps and spots.

warm weather style lace

A light and lacy top is great for Spring, and it adds some femininity to basic flared jeans. OMG, I am wearing an octopus necklace here – this cephalopod thing is getting a little creepy.

warm weather style top

A sleeveless knit top with a swooshy peplum makes for good natural air-conditioning. These light tops need some detail to keep the look interesting, if it’s too warm for layering or scarfing.

warm weather style vintage

A vintage blouse covered in baby deer is warm-weather friendly. All these pieces are machine washable, another must for living in the sub-tropics. Or in New Jersey in July.

Stay fabulous, stay cool, and see you at Visible Monday,

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  1. Love the octopus/Kraken T-shirt! I have 67-year-old arms that I’m not proud of (and yet, I refuse to lift weights or do anything else to tone them up, so…) All of the tops here look very cool (in more ways than one).

  2. I am a sucker for silk, cotton or linen dresses in the heat and humidity.

    I don’t think I’d cope well somewhere that it is so hot and humid for over six months. Maybe that is why you like to take quick breaks to visit New York and get some heat relief.

    Hong Kong was very hot and humid. I can’t imagine what their summer is like.


  3. All those looks are a winner, Patti! Cool, glam and totally unique and a million miles away from a tank top and pair of shorts!
    In my head I live in a warm climate, I unpacked my Summer clothes a couple of days ago and counted over 20 vintage halterneck maxis. I don’t even think we get 20 days a year hot enough to wear them in the UK! xxx

  4. Living in Southern California, I’ve learned to dress for heat, too. I tend to stay away from black during the Summer months, except in the evening, and then keep to lighter weights. I love wearing linen pants, they’re so cool and classic (even when wrinkled). Summer, lightweight dresses are a must, and tops with short sleeves are my go-to. Also, white jeans! Can’t give up denim for very long, so white fills the bill. Sometimes a lightweight vest helps give an outfit a needed “finish” and is much cooler than a jacket.

    Boy, I guess I got a little carried away. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about this and planning for heat, so it’s fresh on my mind.

    Happy weekend, Patti.

  5. Love the sunglasses! I have been avoiding peplum tops because they seem to draw attention to the wrong area on me but the one you’re wearing looks great. I’ll have to give them another chance, thanks.

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