Easy, Breezy Casual Look At Any Age: Visible Monday

Easy, breezy casual look for any age. When you’re happily retired, most days don’t call for anything more than an easy, casual look. I still like to aim for stylish, but there’s no boss, no clients, and no dress code to worry myself with. I highly recommend retirement, my friends – it’s the end of a chapter but the beginning of another, delightful one. 😊

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

One of my favorite any-day looks is a pair of jeans – updated silhouettes like these wide leg, high-waisted jeans keep us fresh and current – and an interesting tee. Those two pieces aren’t enough to make me feel great, though, so a casual look calls out for a couple of chic accessories.

casual look with stripes
Just a couple of accessories elevate this casual look: a pair of heeled navy booties by Sofft, and a truly ancient (20 years?) silver leaf pendant.

The sleeves on this Adele striped tee end in big puff-ball, gotta love that. Why not be unpredictable and sassy with your “basics”? I rented this top though the Nuuly clothing rental service. If you want to try their service, get $20 off your first order with this link. The Citizens of Humanity jeans are rented too, although I may have to buy them; I adore the shape.

casual look with jeans
casual look with vintage belt
Loving this 1960’s snakeskin(?) belt I found at a vintage shop in Delray Beach. I was there to visit with the gorgeous Style Crone, Judith, last week. She found some vintage treasures too, and we had a wonderful time re-connecting.

Are you wearing a favorite casual look today, or a different but fabulous style? Show us (whatever you’re wearing) in the link-up!

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I love your casual chic style. I am starting to work part time next week, with a view to retirement completely by the end of the year. I would love it if you did a post on lessons learned when you retired. Due to my ex, I won’t have much money but I do have fairly good health.

    • Good morning, Janey and thanks for coming by, and for the post suggestion! If you want some terrific retirement advice from an expert, check out Sixtyandme.com. Margaret has articles and videos that touch right at the heart of retirement issues. xox

    • Good morning, Cheryl and thanks for linking up. I’ve been pining for NYC (we haven’t been since October) via your wonderful photos! Great art shots on the Highline. xox

  2. Love love your high waisted jeans Patti – and that you rented them! This week on my blog, I featured the high waisted jeans that I rented, LOL! Great minds….
    Your belt makes the outfit – it really makes the basics shine.
    Thanks for the link up!

    • Good morning, Suzanne – and great minds for sure. I love your Rag and Bone jeans with the chic black accessories! xox

  3. Patti, you are the master of accessorizing! I love what you did with the necklace. And that belt!!! Gorgeous. I, too, am loving retirement, although I’m still consulting and, of course, writing my blog. Making my own schedule and no boss is the very best part, for sure!!

    xx Darlene

    • Hello Darlene and thanks for linking up. I like the sound of your active retirement – and your paper-bag waist trousers are very cool! xox

    • Hi Vaishali, and thanks for coming over! Love your animal print looks, esp that cropped python-look jacket – a stand-out! xox

    • Hello Jess and thanks for coming by today!You know I love a denim skirt and you lool so warm and pretty! xox

    • Good morning Kim and thanks for linking up. Your multi-textured look is creative and fab, love the floral Docs! xox

    • Good morning, Robin and thanks for coming over! A wonderful week ahead to you too, xox.

    • Good morning, Vale and thanks for linking up with your beautiful self! Loving those edgy boots, xox.

    • Good morning, Linda and thanks for coming over. Love your graphic look today – and be careful on those icy streets! xox

    • Good morning, Mireille and thanks for linking up. Your wardrobe experiment looks like a big success; I like how you’ve re-mixed your favorites! xox

  4. I like to dress casual, all the time and this outfit is simple and inspiring!
    I love the way you matched the colors of your jeans with the color of your boots, which are very well paired also with the color of your belt!
    Nice outfit, Patti!



    • Good morning, Adriana, and thanks for coming over. Your black leather pencil skirts are inspiring! xox

  5. You do the relaxed casual style beautifully Patti. The belt is a stunner as is the blouse with its puffy sleeves. I am sure you had a lovely time with Judith. Many thanks for hosting.

    • Hello dear Jill and thanks for linking up. You’re lovely in the gardens (the sunflowers!) and I love your cork brooch, it’s perfection! xox

    • Good morning TOF and thanks for coming by. I do remember wearing some “Wonder Woman” belts and I prob still have the pictures : > This one is older and super-soft. Have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

    • Hello Anna and thanks for linking up. I’m enjoying your hat collection; your mom’s leather cap is special! xox

    • Hello Nancy, good morning and thanks for the kind words. Your trouser suit is so smart, love that you belt the jacket! xox

    • Hey Sheila and good morning! Thanks for the kind words, and keep slaying with your style my friend, xox.

    • Thanks Shelbee and thank you for coming by. I adore your picture of a happy “cat pile”! xox

  6. I love your casual chic and cool style, Patti. And I’m SO looking forward to retirement. Though truth-be-told in California, teachers dress very casual for the most part. But I’m STILL really looking forward to that next chapter!!

    Dawn Lucy

  7. I feel the same way about working from home – no dress code and I can be as comfortable as I want. I still want to be stylish but it’s so nice to do as I please!

    • Hi Kelly and thanks for coming by on a Sunday night. Your long gray cardigan is so cool. xox

    • Hi Jodie and thanks for coming by! I love your mom’s look in the plaid ruffled skirt, so pretty. xox.

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