Dress With Yourself in Mind: Visible Monday

Dress With Yourself in Mind. My last post was about how we women can dress as we choose, and create our own trends-for-one. We no longer have pressure to dress for the opposite sex (I shudder at the articles in my 1975 Cosmo magazines). When we dress with ourselves in mind, we release our creativity and character.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

It might be too literal to wear the message on your shirt, but hey, I’m retired and now is my time.😊  This graphic tee was thrifted in NYC. The tiny print below the message says “now and then”. It’s in my favorite color, heh, and works with every skirt or trouser in the closet. Today it’s a thrifted UNIQLO denim skirt that I shortened the easy way: with scissors and a wash in the machine.

I like the distressed hem better than the original, perfectly neat hem.

A very old Missoni silk scarf (from Filene’s Basement in the early 90’s) makes a great necklace. The lace-up sandals are from Sofft (on sale now). And it’s another beautiful day in paradise!

I cut bangs into one of my favorite wigs, the Wiki by Ellen Wille. I like the change. Don’t get rid of old wigs until you’ve farked them up with scissors or hair color (“farked” is c/o my friend Melanie, a fark-er par excellence).

Are you keeping yourself in mind when you dress?(I know you are.) Show us in the link-up.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

    1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
    2. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinkz button “Add Your Link”. It should open a new page.
    3. In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!
    4. Visit a few other bloggers, to make new friends and increase your own following.


Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. The author has obviously put a tremendous amount of effort into exploring and organizing the information

    • Hi Emma! Thanks for your kind words, and for linking up. I’m loving that plaid fishtail skirt, it’s so pretty on you! xox

    • Thank you Whitney. Same back to you – you always look like you’re happy in your clothes! Love your Converse today, so fresh and Spring-y, xox.

  2. That wig looks fabulous on you, Patti. What a great idea to cut bangs into it. I’m loving your skirt shortening technique as well! xxx

    • Thank you Ann. I enjoyed your trip to the vintage fest (although your weather was not perfect) and I love your colorful finds. And those fab boots you’re wearing! xox

    • Thanks Becky. Your 90’s dress and jacket, re-fashioned by YOU, look fab! xox

    • Thanks Jacqui. I love your version of Andrea’s look – a pleated midi skirt is one of my favorites! xox

  3. Hi Patti
    Yes, great message. I always dress for myself 🙂 I really love the bangs – it looks so good on you. Ive been getting into neck scarves more lately, so I love this look on you!

    • Thank you, Jess. I agree, I feel your personality coming out through your beautiful outfits. Love, love your new Jambu sandals! xox

    • Thanks, Linda. Love your black and white outfit, including the cool shoes! xox

    • You’re probably right. We hope they’ll grow out of that inclination : > Thanks for linking up, i love to see your weekly looks. xox

  4. Love the bangs you cut into your wig! I wear a hair topper and had a few bangs cut into it last time I had my hair cut – why not!

    • why not, indeed? : > It’s fun to play with hair! Thanks for linking up, you look gorgeous. xox

  5. You would be proud of me. I had a pair of white jeans that were getting dingy. No amount of bleach would get them bright again. I wanted to dye them red, but the supermarkets carried the rainbow of dyes EXCEPT red. I finally went to a droguerie (a kind of French pharmacy but for the house) and got Dylon dye, which I had recently read about in an article about fashion week. Tulip red. I almost fainted at the price (€15.40) but I ended up dying the jeans, a white blouse that had yellowed underarms, and a sweater I had bought in the 1990s. All 100% cotton. I will never wear them all together, but I love that they are the same shade. It’s like having three new items of clothing. For €15.

    • That sounds like the best DIY! And you did make three new pieces without binning the “old” ones. You’re inspiring! xox

    • Thanks Maria, and thank you for sharing your wonderful vid about makeup (plus your voice is delightful!). xox

  6. I love how you’ve shortened that denim skirt – you’ve given it edge and individuality. What a great idea!
    Your hair looks fantastic! xxx

    • Thank you, Vix! And thanks for sharing your brilliant “new” Afghan Nomad dress, xox.

    • Thank you Elle! Loved your captures of Madison Ave luxuries. And your camel coat is indeed timeless! xox

  7. Ha! I finally gave up dressing for someone else when my partner of 20 years died back in 2009. After far too many decades of serial monogamy which (for me) equaled dressing to please someone else, the past 10 years have been all about dressing to please ME. One of my favorite thrifted t-shirts has an Oscar Wilde quote on it: ‘Be yourself; everyone else is taken.’

    Fantastic outfit, Patti and the bangs are fantastic. You look wonderful. <3

    • Thank you dear Cee. I hadn’t known your partner passed, so sorry for your loss. I LOVE that you dress to please you, and that O.W. quote is wonderful! xox

  8. Hooray for dressing for ourselves! I love your casual outfit, Patti! A very mindful message for us all!

    Joining you today in my version of Casual Friday, which is to say, not casual at all!

    • Thank you my fellow islander (yes, I live on an island too!). Your Friday look is over the moon good. xox

  9. I think the bang idea is genius. That is the same wig you wore here right? It was covering too much of your beautiful face otherwise. Now I’m sure it is easier to wear.

    That scarf is SWEEEET!

    You do have a knack of finding the best thrifted tees.


    • Thanks Suzanne – I’m eyeballing all my hair things to see if I can make bangs! Love your triple print today, so you, so creative. xox

  10. It’s my favorite color too! I always dress with myself in mind. Otherwise I don’t feel good in my outfit. I love your denim skirt!

  11. LOVE the outfit, perfect and inspiring. I hope to someday join in on visible Monday before I croak.

    • hi Ramona and thanks for your kind words! If I can help you link up, let me know, xox.

  12. I dress for me. My closet is my OWN space where I can really get my creativity on. Sometimes I even have a cup of tea with her and brainstorm on what fun combinations we can make for the week ahead! LOVE LOVE your denim skirt, it’s the perfect length and you know I love a good graphic tee!
    Happy Monday Patti!

    • Happy Monday to you too, gorgeous lady. That brainstorming sounds like major fun. xox

  13. I love that you added bang to that wig. I have two wigs that I haven’t worn for ages….it’s a great idea although I might want to have someone who is better at cutting hair help me….

    • Yes, do it! If you’re not wearing them now, give them a do-over : > Thanks for linking up, xox.

    • Hi Lisa! I really enjoyed your color-analysis post today, thanks for coming by! xox

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