Choose Your Skirt Length, At Any Age

We’re past the old rules for skirt length, thanks largely to the rise of street style, and to us aging hippies who wear whatever the heck we want. Except for ultra conservative workplaces, we wear minis, maxis and every length in-between, just as we like. The women of this week’s Visible Monday provide inspiration and examples.

As always, the first tip is: wear the length of skirt that makes you happy, don’t frighten the horses, and own it. Go dressy and long, or floofy and short, or denim and penciled.
Always room in my closet for skirts of all lengths:

Andrea of Living On Cloud Nine wears an above-the knee boho dress beautifully. The floppy hat goes perfectly with the vibe. Big smile, big sunglasses, fabulous. For another example of an above the knee hemline, see also: the gorgeous Lizzy of What Lizzy Loves.

Secret garden porch spring

Alice of Happiness at Mid-Life looks lovely and ready for any occasion in this print skirt, just to the knee. This is a truly versatile length, in either a slim skirt as Alice is wearing, or a full one. See also: Nicole of High Latitude Style and her thirty (yes!) outfits created with a knee length skirt.


Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style Files stands up and grabs your attention in the best way, in this midi length dress. Yes to the yellow heels and statement jewelry. Suzanne is not super-tall, and you don’t need to be to wear a midi. See also: Trina of Teatime With Trina in a multi-level skirt, also gorgeous.


Tamara of Tamera Beardsley always looks like two million bucks, and she follows suit in this beautiful silk maxi. Perfect with her platform sandals and trademark headpiece – a great mix of casual and dressy. Please also check out Retro Chic Mama here, looking gorgeous in a kimono maxi dress.


I chose a maxi dress too, this week, an old-hippie favorite from Citizen Rosebud:


How do you like your skirts?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab choices for any age:

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  1. When I was younger, it seemed that skirt length used to be subject to trends, but lately it seems like once a trend emerges, it never goes away. You can wear a former or current trend forever, or start a new trend yourself. Bravo!

  2. We are lucky to live in modern times Patti, and be able to please ourselves!
    I love all lengths, short to maxi.
    Variety is the spice of life!

  3. I love mixing up my hem lengths. I always used to wear above the knee…now I prefer at the knee or anywhere below.

    I adore all of Andrea’s outfit.

    Thanks for the feature! : )

  4. Skirt length is not something we think about usually but I think it is really important. I did a whole week of skirt length stuff this year including the “golden ratio” and my hits/misses. I shared one on V.M. today, too, just for fun. Thanks for reminding us. 🙂

  5. Just below the knee to mid-calf, also full-length maxi. I don’t wear pencil skirts — too restricting. I like fabric to flow!

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