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California free and easy, Florida edition. Well, I did just return from gorgeous Vancouver, Canada and that’s almost California, right? Anyway I do feel free and easy, and glad to be back for Visible Monday.

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This great California graphic tee is a thrift find, and I love the pop art. I dressed it up today with a pleat-hem iridescent skirt that just covers my knees – that’s my sweet spot. The skirt is a gift from the amazing Melanie of Bag and A Beret.  Oh, to roam through her closets.

I love the way the pleated hem adds presence. This skirt could go totally formal with a silk blouse and medium heels.

The floppy cotton hat was thrifted at My Sister’s Closet in Vancouver. If you’re in the area, you need to check this shop out; they have a bit of everything and a lot of wear-this-minute pieces. And they help end violence against women and girls. The pendant was thrifted years ago in downtown Melbourne.

Behold the sub-tropics, and our free-range parking meters! Srsly, the Atlantic ocean is across the street, and who could object? Lace-up sandals by Sofft.

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  1. Lovely outfit, the hat finishes it off perfectly! I’d love to go to Vancouver! I have relatives there as well as Winnipeg, which I visited as a child. My grandmother was from a large family and several of her siblings emigrated to Canada after the war. They all did their bit to boost the population!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you dear Amber! And thanks for linking up, I always enjoy your posts. xox

    • Thanks Debbie. And back at ya with a perfect outfit, in your distressed jeans and black top. Fierce. xox

  2. That cute skirt , tee and floppy hat certainly has the relaxed California/Florida vibe.Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the girl gang in Vancouver. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Thank you Jill. I loved your post today about how change may be afoot – that’s always exciting. And your spotted trousers are all that, xox.

  3. You look all kinds of relaxed California/Florida cool here Patti. Hats really suit you. How I wish you just lived down the street so you could pop by for some cake and coffee : )


    • Yes! Cake and coffee and a scruff of the pug! Your Vancouver post is out of this world fabulous, xox.

  4. I am certainly feeling the California vibe here. The pleating detail on the skirt is beautiful. Thanks Mel!
    I also love the lace up sandals. Free and easy is the place to be. I am working on it, LOL!
    Also I enjoy shopping at a similar place in bridge Hampton New York. The proceeds from the shop go to help battered women.

    • Thank you Elle (and Mel!). Your “saturated Spring” look is totally gorgeous. xox

    • Haha! I always want to do California proud. Thanks for linking up, your linen jacket looks fab. xox

  5. I like the frill on your skirt Patti. I’ve seen something similar on cropped trousers worn with a short dress over the top and a cardigan and I really quite liked the look of it. Hmm ! might have to give it a try xx

    • That outfit sounds delightful, Lynn – go for it! Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely Laura Ashley finds. xox

  6. I’m glad you had a fantastic time in Vancouver, I can’t wait to see photos!
    Loving this look on you, Patti, Melanie’s skirt and the quirky hat are so cool and who doesn’t love a post-modern art installation (aka the parking meters)? xxx

    • LOL at “post-modern art installation”! Now they’ll be raising the rents : > Thanks for coming by and sharing your gorgeous gardens. xox

  7. Love that flock of free-range parking meters. Hahaha! I’m so glad you like the skirt. It looks fantastic with this T-shirt/sandal pairing and the MSC hat. I never thought of wearing it like this. Doh. It certainly looks warm there. Sigh. So great to see you doesn’t convey how much I enjoyed our time.

    • Thanks, Mel and gratitude galore for all you did for us on the trip! I want to turn back time and start again. And yeah, there’s no need for a wool scarf here, but thanks again for loaning me one in the Great North. xox

    • Thank you dear Jess, and thanks for coming by. Your floral dress with mixed-print scarf is just perfect! xox

    • Thank you Tea. Love your floral maxi today, and the whole positive vibe of your blog. xox

  8. Your outfit came together in such a fun, eclectic way. Melanie from Bag and a Beret is fabulous–how great you are friends! I’m a bit jealous of your wonderful ocean view–we’re on the other coast, but not close enough to the water!

    • Thank you, Kim. Melanie is for sure a one-in-a-million. I love your SIA look today, great colors! xox

  9. I do love swapping clothes with friends…it’s like free shopping!!
    What a perfect spring outfit, Patti!

    • Yes, so true! Thanks for your kind words and for linking up, Jodie. I love your sneakers + dress look. xox

    • Thank you Cristina, and thanks for sharing your pix of beautiful Budapest! xox

    • Thanks Shelbee. Your Easter look, esp those great booties, is a top ten! xox

  10. I saw that you had a fabulous time with Mel and the other fabulous women! Great skirt you are wearing, love the tee on it too!

    • Thanks, Nancy, it was big fun. Love your retro-style look today, the boots are awesome. xox.

  11. This look is so you! I had a similar skirt ages ago. The pleated hem is such a nice touch. I wish I could find one again. Love the basket bag you picked. So cute with the flamingo. Yes, there is nothing to object to have the Atlantic (at one of its warmest places) at the front door except for the risk of hurricans. But its an active planet. Thus one has everywhere. Here it’s earthquakes. LOL.

    • You’re right about the hurricanes, Nicole! Thanks for your kind words and for linking up, and sharing your great styles. xox

  12. Patti, I’m in Southern California and the last week has been anything but free and easy!! Haha! Just busy, of course. You look adorable, as always. I love graphic tees with skirts. I haven’t been to Vancouver for many years, but would love to visit that shop! You find such great items!
    xx Darlene

    • Thanks, Darlene – hope this coming week is free-er and easier : > Yes, do visit My Sister’s Closet when you’re in Van, you will find treasures! xox

    • You’re right about that, Anne – at least you can sleep on the plane! Thanks for coming by, xox.

  13. Ack! You were in Vancouver! I feel like I just missed you – I’m so close! Next time, you must come over to the island, Patti!

    Love that skirt – Melanie has such good taste! The hat is adorable – I love My Sister’s Closet.

    Thank you so much for hosting – welcome back!

    • Hi Sheila! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you this trip! Thanks for sharing your new purchases, always swoon-worthy. And yeah, My Sister’s Closet is a special place. xox

    • Thank you Lisa! Vancouver is lovely and full of Canadians, which I love : >
      Yes, let’s do a major snoop into Mel’s closet while she’s asleep. xox

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