Autumn In A Warm Climate: Favorite Looks

This is the time of year I really miss living in the Northeast. So many happy memories as a college student and young career woman, pulling out boots on those first cool September days, layering shirts, tights and even some thin gloves for glam.

In the sub-tropics, we have a tiny scrap of Fall in November, so I look forward to some of my favorite cool weather outfits, and the end of leg-shaving  : >

Untitled #55
Florida Fall #1. I love a loose fitting midi dress (sim) with a structured, casual jacket (sim). Finally, I’ll revel in wearing my booties again, and year-round peace earrings.
Untitled #54
Florida Fall #2 features loose fitting trousers (sim), a lightweight sweater (sim) and a choice of rugged Doc Martens or polished black flats. No choice for wine; it’s gotta be Merlot on the first cool day.

Do you enjoy the first cool days? Or are you sad to see summer end? (Move to Florida if you are choice B).

Stay fabulous,

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