All Women Are “Real” Women


Are you getting weary of women being classified as “real” because they’re curvy, or muscular, or Moms, or whatever? All women are real women. I’m pretty thin, and fairly old, and I am just as real as any other woman, whatever her dress size or age.

What real means to me: I like myself just fine, but try not to dwell on myself all the time. I have passions that transcend age and gender. I have family that I love and family I have challenges with. I get sad, and ecstatic, and do housework, volunteer work, and paid work. I love to read, and listen to music, and talk to interesting people. I laugh a lot. Just like all the real women.

As for my appearance, I am a mix of “natural” and enhanced. I have had my teeth whitened and crowned in the front, I use Retin-A on my skin, I have colored my hair (now going to silver — give me patience, and give it to me right now). I’ve had only one facial, but many pedicures and more than a few manicures. I love red lipstick. But my medicine/beauty cabinet is only moderately full and my clothing is modestly priced.

Here’s a picture I think captures my mix of natural and enhanced, but is completely “real” – just like all of us. I’m wearing no makeup but I am wearing “fake hair” – some clip-in bangs. It’s all good.

It’s not an original thought, but from one of my favorite children’s books: like the Velveteen Rabbit, we grow even more real as we experience love.

Stay real and fabulous,

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