A Year Of Healing: Visible Monday

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I didn’t prepare a new photo for Visible Monday today. I decided instead to tell a short story about a long recovery, and a happy ending. A few days ago I celebrated the one-year anniversary of breaking my right wrist in five pieces.

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The ordeal involved a lot of pain, fear, and self-examination. And gratitude for the power of time and healing.  And dealing with the residual arthritis that’s now part of my hand forever, but not unbearable. It’s the remembering that a single short moment can change our lives irrevocably. Here’s a cheery picture taken downtown Melbourne, Florida, about three days before the accident:

Having no knowledge of what the next days may bring, and flaunting a lovely right arm. My hair looks super blonde here!

During my early recovery there was mighty pain plus disability, with no use of my right arm. Here I put on a smile, took a Tylenol, and pulled on some clothes. That felt good. Getting dressed every day is good therapy.

Five days after, I’m covering my dreadful external fixator with a sling. Wearing a cool vintage 80’s/90’s skirt I thrifted in Toronto.

One year later I have at least 95% use of my right hand and wrist. Some impressive scars, now fading, and a new appreciation of just hanging around with Elvis. I’m not especially brave or sturdy, but I’ve grown up – even at my advanced age – through adversity.

I feel good, and I’m back to showing off a healthy right arm.


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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo


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  1. You went through this trauma with such grace! You always looked fantastic and cheered us all up with your positive attitude and wisdom.
    I love the celebratory picture with Elvis! Love the skirt and your stylish shoes!
    Thank yo so much for Visible Monday and your inspiring blog!

  2. Lifes battle scars are like patina. Our story is richer and we are stronger and more interesting. Life’s Wabi Sabi.

  3. Oh my, is it really a year already? Glad you’re able to treat it as a story of recovery, and that you’ve regained 95% use of your hand and wrist. Always poignant seeing photos taken just days before an event, don’t you think? Have a great week! xxx

  4. A year! So glad you’ve got most of the function back but what a thing to do. It makes you think about your health and life as it did with you. I remember tearing a knee tendon 15 years ago and taking months and months to get my walking back to normal. Live for the day is easy to say but we truly don’t know what’s round the corner. So pleased for you that you’re almost 100% and thank you for hosting all through your recovery – much appreciated x

  5. A year already! Wow, you’ve been stoic and brave, Patti! Glad to hear you have nearly full mobility again. It’s a good reminder never to take ANYTHING for granted, isn’t it?

    Thank you so much for hosting “Visible Monday”! Much love to you and Sandy!

  6. Isn’t it crazy how one small incident can have such a lasting effect? I’m so sorry that you had to go through breaking your wrist (and the recovery), but glad you are on the mend—and that fashion helped get you through!
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

  7. It’s a bit trippy going back and looking at a photo a few days before the Event. This is where sci-fi excels in its ability to warp and change time. But I’m glad your natural healing, some meds, great outfits, and loving support got you through to 95% function. Whew and whew. Happy to see you rocking out with Elvis! Thanks for the linkup!

  8. I remember when you broke your wrist, but for some reason forgot it was in five places. Youch! Glad to hear you have recovered so well over this past year. I couldn’t agree more about getting up and getting dressed really helps our mental state.

  9. I’m so happy you are able to put that terrible event behind you and yet keep the gratitude it inspired in you.

    Traumatic events scar us internally. We make look as though we’re healed on the outside but inside we are very much changed. Learning not to define ourselves by the trauma helps us cope with the fear within ourselves.


  10. Happy that you have recovered 95% function. It is good to look back on this painful period, exam your feelings and recognize the changes–physical and emotional–in yourself. Having gone through a couple of these kinds of events (e.g. a torn ACL/MCL in my 40s, tendon repair in right ankle/foot at 65 with residual nerve issues), I can certainly appreciate the myriad of feelings you dealt with in your recovery. It isn’t always obvious to us until after the fact…sometimes well into post recovery–just how difficult the event was or how it might have triggered depression or anxiety (e.g. will the next fall cause worse harm?). Learning the limits of our mobility is a tough lesson but one that can make us more sensitive to those whose disability is not a limited event. And, let’s face it, it is tough to accept help if you’ve always been physically and otherwise independent, but then that is just another lesson learned — namely, gratitude for those who helped us through the tough times. Even at our age, there are always lessons to be learned. xo

    • thank you, Mary for your wise words. So true, we’re still learning life’s lessons! xo

  11. Wow, Patti, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I’ve never broken a bone before, it’s hard to imagine just how difficult and long the healing process is. I’m glad it is mostly behind you now!

  12. glad that you’re celebrating your healing!, and I totally agree that dressing up everyday is a good therapy! Dealing with ailments can be so exhausting and annoying!
    Lovely post, lovely attitude and lovely style! I’m loving your comfy&cool shoes!

  13. Patti, so pleased that your recovery from that serious break has been succesful. So true none of us know what challenges are round the corner.
    Looking just wonderful with Elvis. Many thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

  14. Looking fabulous, Patti. I’m very glad that you’re doing so well. Coincidentally, I too am looking back on the last year as I celebrate another blogaversary. Life’s lessons can be a challenge but we grow and learn a lot about ourselves as we get through them. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


  15. I am so glad you’re at 95% recuperation—I know you worked hard at regaining use. People don’t always take physical therapy seriously and it’s such a big deal I just love the pic of u & Elvis <3

  16. It’s so easy to take our amazing bodies for granted. Each week in my yoga class our teacher leads us in a moment of gratitude for the strength and mobility we have. A valuable reminder.
    Fabulous shoes in the Elvis pic!!

  17. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Patti. You look great, and I’m glad that you healed so well!

  18. Your look back at “before the break” and “after the break” is incredibly moving to me, Patti. We never know the moments when our lives will change forever. You see the world a little differently now–maybe you just see yourself differently, but I think that’s the same thing. Loss, grief, healing…being a real, live human being. For so many reasons, thank you for sharing this.


  19. It is amazing how life can change on a dime. How blessed that you healed so well from this accident, Patti. Of course you could look at it so differently, but I believe our perspective helps with healing too!

  20. You are such a trooper, Patti. Just like Elvis. Well…you know what I mean. You both look great!

  21. Five places?! Thank god all worked out ok Patti. Getting dressed and taking photos in that pain? High five to you lady xx

  22. Patti,
    This is indeed a wonderful story about recovery and you are so right, anything could happen at any time. It’s really important not to rush, and also to enjoy each day. I am crushing on those shoes that you are wearing with Elvis, by the way!

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