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I have been coloring my gray roots for almost 25 years. I started graying early, just like my mother and grandmother did. I hope to one day go silver-all-the-way, but I still feel like a blonde inside.

I’ve tried every store brand, and always come back to L’Oreal: usually their Preference or Excellence line. (I do go to the salon every 10-12 weeks for highlights, that’s too advanced for me). So I was delighted to be offered the chance to try L’Oreal’s latest product, Excellence Age Perfect.

Here’s what the creators say it will do: “Formulated with Pro-Keratine complex, our new layered tone technology delivers color full of natural-looking highs and lows. Grays are 100% covered, regrowth is beautifully blended and hair is renewed with volume and shine.”

Age Perfect promises to provide a “new type of coverage“, giving our gray hairs “natural looking highs and lows for a highlighted effect.” And it comes with a new application brush, better than any I’ve used before. The applicator has one side for coloring larger areas, like the back of our heads, and a small brush for covering the baby hairs around the hairline.

The color chosen for me by L’Oreal was Dark Natural Golden Blonde, #7G. I was a little concerned it would be too dark, but it was perfect for blending with my previously colored length, and for nicely blurring my grays. My stylist told me warm shades are superior at covering silvers, and it’s true.

Here’s my full review of Excellence Age Perfect, and photographic evidence:

  • It’s as easy to use as the easiest at-home brands. The kit comes with the nice plastic gloves, not the crinkly ones. The formula is just the right texture; it stays on your head and doesn’t drip.
  • The brush is awesome. Small things mean a lot, and this little tool is outstanding for covering fine hairs around the temples.
  • The conditioner is the best! It left my hair soft and body-full, and the supply is generous enough for several more shampoos.
  • Great coverage with subtle tones. The results are not monochrome, like I’ve experienced with some at-home brands. With Age Perfect, I ended with natural-looking shades of lighter and darker blonde.
Before: we have a stripe of silver showing.
After: beautifully blended, and the silver is 99% gone. I missed one little percent in the back.
Great coverage, and my hair feels soft, not dry.

And, if you want expert advice on the best product and color for you, L’Oreal provides this neat tool, the Hair Color Consultation. Give it a go, it’s fun.

I give L’Oreal Age Perfect Color a heartfelt thumbs-up, and will definitely use it again. Share your hair-coloring tips below, please, and stay fabulous,

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