A Cure For The Summertime Blues: Visible Monday

Is there a cure for the summertime blues? (credits to Eddie Cochran and The Who). Yes, in the subtropics, we have loooong summers. By the end of August many of us want to stash our summer stuff and wear a sweater – just one sweater. Not yet, my friends, we have six more weeks of hot weather ahead.

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The blues cure involves lightweight clothing that doesn’t touch you too much. One of my frequently worn summer “uniforms” is a light midi skirt and a graphic tee or print blouse. I usually wear sandals with this look, to keep it from coming across as too “office”. This lace vintage skirt and silky blue Pleione top were both thrifted at the Goodwill in Greenwich Village.

A rumpled cotton hat is another good way to keep a summer look casual. The easy leather sandals are by Sofft.

The day holds adventures and I’m ready for them, not actually feeling the blues at all. There are worse things in life than living in a hot climate, yes?

This weekend we went to see Once Upon A Time . . . In Hollywood, and gave it a solid “B”. Good acting and writing, and too violent to earn an “A” from me. Fifty-five year old Brad Pitt got an ovation for his shirtless scene, so there was that. : >

summertime blues
I’m wearing my double-heart gold necklace and a vintage ID bracelet, as well as the splendid ruby-ball ring made by artist O.

Are you still sporting your summer pieces, or are you able to wear . . . a sweater? Show us in the link-up!

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Blue is my favourite colour. Love your summer outfit. I couldn’t resist following your link to The Who. I have just finished Roger Daltrey’s autobiography. We are big Who fans. What a life he’s had!!
    Alison xx

    • We are huge Who fans too, got to see them in Orlando about 8 years ago, and they performed “Quadrophenia.” Heaven. thanks for coming over! xox

  2. You look cool, Patti. It’s not just the clothes but the attitude as well. So, you saw the movie. Yeah, lots of violence at the end. I found it highly disturbing throughout and also hypnotic. Tarantino does that.

    • thanks Mel, and thanks for coming over. Yes, hypnotic is a great word for how the movie felt. The kind of movie you can’t shake immediately out of your head. xox

    • Thanks Suzanne, and thanks for linking up your laundering tips. I think we can get obsessed with “squeaky clean.” Love your vintage dress too, a great silhouette. xox

    • Thank you Jess and thanks for coming by. Love your photoshoot with your niece, how great to have a warm relationship between you! xox

    • Thank you, Emma, and thanks for linking up. You’re gorgeous in purple plus print! xox

  3. So the good in your blues Patti. I am the same as you just in reverse , looking forward to lighter clothing. Not sure I will bother with the Tarantino movie, as I tend to find his work too violent for me. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Thank you Jill and thanks for coming over. No such thing as animal print overload – you look fabulous! Nice to see the flowers blooming, xox.

    • Oh, high of 79 sounds wonderful! Thanks for linking up – your little white dress is pretty and fresh, and I love it with boots. xox

  4. Hi Patti! I just returned from 3 weeks in Italy where it was REALLY hot! I wore pretty much what you have on less the sleeves for 3 weeks. The coolest outfit I can wear is a linen midi like yours, a sleeveless tank, comfortable sandals and a hat (I wish I had yours there, mine was black and straw – yours looks cool and packable!) Here in the SF Bay Area, it’s cooler, but still summer hot! I’ve been wearing tank dresses and sandals – when it’s cooler in the mornings I through on a jean jacket or thin duster sweater cardigan. No sweaters and boots around here until November!
    Thanks for the link up!

    • Hi Suzanne and thanks for coming by! Three weeks in Italy sounds like a dream – and I love that we can share some of your favorite Italian skincare finds : > Have a great week ahead, xox.

  5. I cannot wear a sweater yet in The Netherlands. It would be possible but no, summer is still with us. For the next three days even hot.
    Love your hat with this outfit. Hats looks good on you. And you bought a necklace from O !! I bought the ring with the ruby.
    Bye dear. Oh and I am linking up again as I have this Monday off from work and time to do so.

    • Hello dear Greetje, always good to see you! I enjoyed your photo shoot of the dress you “hate” – although I think it has its charms. Great color. xox

    • Thanks, Leelo! Your pale yellow dress is so feminine and airy, and you look terrific, xox.

    • Thanks for coming over and linking up, Nancy. You look gorgeous in your swooshy black and white dress xox

    • Hi Cheryl and thanks for coming by. Your stay in Sweden looks a little like heaven! xox

    • Hi Linda! I saw your travel photos, and what a beautiful, desolate place. Thanks for coming over, xox.

  6. Ah, summer. Freezing in the depths of winter here so lovely to see summery clothes. Sam the Aussie

  7. Patti, you continue to amaze me with your incredible ability to find the BEST thrift items! Super cute outfit, as usual. We’re just starting to get some heat, so it may delay some of the fall posts I was planning! Nothing worse than sharing a cute sweater outfit with sweat rolling down your face! Haha!
    xx Darlene

    • Agreed about a photo shoot in the heat! Thanks for coming by, I like your airy ruana for summer, xox.

  8. It’s a cool blue you’re wearing Patti. Still hot in Chicago. No sweaters here, but I do have a quilt now…

    • Oh yeah, that quilt, what a treasure. Thanks for coming by and stay fabulous, xox.

  9. A flowy skirt and a pretty top are the perfect combo for a hot summer day! Looking fabulous as always, Patti!

    Linking up my “Darth Sheila” duster today – thank you so much for hosting!

    • Your duster is awesome! Love the stripes and checks too. Thanks for coming over and have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  10. Nice, easy summer outfit to beat the heat, Patti, and I love the hat on you! I am definitely still wearing my summer pieces, hopefully into a nice long warm Indian summer, so I don’t have to pack up my summer clothes until the end of September.

    • Hi Di! And thanks for coming by. I hope you do have an elongated Summer, that’s a lovely time of the year. Loving your 1950’s scenery skirt! xox

    • Thank Julie and thanks for linking up. i really like your eyelet sleeve top, xox.

    • Thank you Heather – and those horizontal-striped boots you’re showing today are the best! xox

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