How Do You Dispose Of Your Clothes?


How do you dispose of your used, no-longer-loved clothes? OK, there are a couple of you who know just where to send them (to my house), and hint: we have been shopping together in, ahem, Canada.

I have been down-sizing my wardrobe since retirement. I don’t think of it as a virtue, or something any other woman “should” do. I’m just enjoying a smaller closet and simpler dressing (it does make “outfit posts” more challenging, hope you forgive). Here is my hierarchy for ditching no-longer-loved clothing:

1. Actual favorite pieces, regardless of current trends – to my baby sister. She’s always eye-balling my stuff (especially purses) and saying, “When you get tired of that . . . .” I love to share my things with her, and see her wearing them.



2. Most current/trendy/sell-able brands – to the consignment shop. The shop I like best lets you just walk in, assesses your stuff right then and there, and tells you what they’ll price it for. I have about a 60% sell-though rate, not great, but who would say no to a couple of extra bucks? My tips: bring your stuff on hangers, and “sell” a little. E.g., “I bought this in Manhattan and Carrie Bradshaw used to wear it,” if true.

3. Favorite pieces that my sister won’t love or wear: to the Molly Mutt Thrift Store. That’s where I volunteer, and all the proceeds go to the no-kill animal shelter. They get my vintage stuff, costume jewelry, scarves, shoes, and most everything else. No junk though.

4. Just-OK pieces (tees, some jeans and sweaters) that may not sell at Molly Mutt go to a different charity shop, where they give away a lot of clothing to homeless people and shelter residents.


Some clothes won’t even sell at our thrift shop. : >

5. Holes, stains, ruined in the wash: for housecleaning rags and then the trash.

6. Wish I knew how to: recycle and up-cycle my clothes, like Erica at Recycled Fashion and Melanie of Bag and Beret. They have mad skillz at re-fashioning.

How do you dispose of your clothes, when you’re ready to send them on their way?

Stay fabulous,


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  9. One place I don’t take my clothing is to those donation bins which are so popular because I regularly see their contents strewn around the sidewalks. I try to take them to thrift shops in person, give them away, or, yes, upcycle (thanks for the mention, hee hee). Most of my things are already on their second time around and consignment stores would not be interested. I love your Molly Mutt shop and their cause.

  10. I try to go through my closet regularly and purge pieces that don’t fit me (physically or mentally). Good vintage pieces get sold, nice contemporary pieces go to a consignment store, and everything that doesn’t fit either of those categories gets donated to charities. Some nice things get sent to blogger friends!

  11. Mine are mostly vintage so I just stick them on the rails and sell them when I have a declutter. A couple of times a year I’ll have a mad blitz if the stockroom, donate to charity shops or, if the quality isn’t up to scratch I’ll salvage the zips, buttons and trimmings and use the fabric for patchwork. xxx

  12. I have way waaaaaay too many clothes and not enough time. So I tend to purge my closet only when I start to notice I can’t squeeze one more thing in there!
    Since I wear a lot of vintage, when there is something I no longer wish to wear, I at least have a venue for selling it. This doesn’t happen often though, as I love the pieces I’ve chosen for myself, so hate to part with them! When it comes to other things, I’ll give them to friends, family or employees first. Then to the Hibiscus Treasure House Thrift Store. The proceeds from their sales go to programs for abused and neglected children. So it is my favorite place to donate locally.

  13. Any good clothes I have but no longer wear for whatever reason go to the local charity store. Some sweaters go to my daughter. Then anything worn our goes in the recycle fabric bin. I do have some good but very old pieces that I need to get onto Ebay when I get round to it!!!!

  14. Patti, I love this and your hierarchy. I am thinking about adding consignment shop to my hierarchy, but right now, everything goes to donations or cleaning cloth/trash. I’ve honestly just been too lazy to check out consignment shops or services (now that there are some online).

  15. There’s a new consignment shop in my neighborhood, but I’m chicken to bring my stuff in. If they say no, I’ll curl up in the fetal position sucking my unfashionable thumb! So I drop mine off at my church rummage sale. We collect all year long, then hold a massive sale in October that grosses anywhere from $250K to $300K. The proceeds go to various social agencies.

  16. Ha ha : ) I have your address lady.

    I used to take a full suitcase of clothing to give to my sister when I’d travel to see her. Now that the airlines are charging for baggage I can no longer do that. The brilliant thing about this strategy was that if in a year, I’d lost some weight and was able to fit back into some great clothes I’d given my sister I’d get a chance to get them back. No longer though.

    I now take clothing to consignment stores and back to thrift stores. I’m currently trying to sell some very good shoes online but I haven’t had much luck with selling online.

    It is a rare day when I actually throw out a piece of clothing. Often times I will keep old jeans or old t-shirts for patches on other clothes or for crafting projects.


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