Visible Monday #25: An Actual Suit! Conservative for a Change

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Today’s look is a change for me in a couple of ways: I rarely wear trousers (I do love jeans though), and I rarely wear a matched suit (see last week’s “Almost Suit” here). My usual style is less structured.

But I do like this lightweight wool Tahari suit. It was scored for $5 at the Humane Society Thrift, and it’s in perfect, unworn condition! Yikes! It also fits very well; just the waist is a little snug and I can move a button there. The shoulder pads are small, and that helps me feel less boxy/overwhelmed up top.

I softened the severe pinstriped suit with a ruffled floral blouse by Lucky Brand. I also wore feminine drop earrings, but they often get lost in my mop.

Even though this look is outside my normal comfort zone, it did make me feel powerful and visible. I teased my boss about going on interviews today. And I will dress the suit down for future wearings, with a colorful tee or sweater. The only “no” for me would be to pair it with a traditional button-down shirt – that’s just too conventional for my look. Love it on others though!

I feel pretty good in this, like I should take a meeting or something  : >
The shoes are my favorite Sofft booties.

Are you stretching your comfort zones? I can’t wait to see what you are wearing today!

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  1. When I see you in this suit I don't think conservative, but I do think sophisticated, classy, elegant.  One of your best, of which there are many.

  2. Oh Patti, you look like you are ready to RULE THE WORLD!!!  Gimme a woman in a dark pinstriped suit and I am putty.  I love this structured look on you so much!!!!!!!! xo

  3. I love the polish of a pant suit, especially softened down with the frilly blouse as you have. Can't believe you found a Tahari suit at that price — lucky!

  4. Really loving the ruffled blouse with this suit.  And the price for this smart outfit is outstanding!

  5. Hello! Finally remembering in time to jump in on Visible Monday! That suit makes me want to give trousers another go; usually I am a total failure at trousers, but you look so sleek.

  6. A nice suit makes me feel like I can take on the world. But I rarely wear them. Only for interviews. This looks great though. I think the patterned shirt is the perfect thing to tone down the severeness of a black suit.

  7. Wow, everyone looks so put together for a Monday morning! I feel so underdressed 😉

    I am back from my hibernation and I have a giveaway, hope you will come check it out 😉

  8. Patti, So sorry I completely forgot about Visible Monday!  But YOU!  You're amazingly visible in that suit!  It looks just like something my mom would have worn and I love how you softened it with ruffles.  You're a vision!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  9. Now that´s unbeatable, 5 bucks for a suit !
    AND Tahari- well it´s almost like winning the lottery.
    I linked today because I feel "visible" due to my 3 tone wedges and my necklace !

  10. I can tell that this was an expensive suit because the pattern is matched from the jacket to the pants. It was an amazing find and it looks like it was custom made for you. You look so elegant and professional. I admire your style so much. You look beautiful.

  11. You look so gorgeous in this, and my favorite part is the ruffles peeking out at the cuffs. Perfect way to tone down/perk up the severity of a dark suit. Great outfit!

  12. smart and classy, the ruffle top break the monotony of a black suit to make it more feminine and girly. The pant suit really fit you so well!


  13. I love it and you've styled it to perfection with that gorgeous blouse –  you look GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

  14. I love Tahari  – what a huge score! I am not used to seeing you in a suit. It really shows off what a great figure you have. 

  15. I love this.  That suit was made for you. You look great and I love the blouse.  I like how the sleeves just peek out at the bottom of the jacket sleeve. Perfection!

  16. This looks amazing on you! And I don't think it looks all that conservative (and I don't think it's just because of the ruffled shirt.). I think that you could have a lot of fun with wearing it. It reminds me of the gangster suits (I don't know why, because you don't look anything at all like a gangster 🙂

  17. I cant believe it…$5 for this incredible suit!  It fits you beauifully and you have styled it with amazing sex appeal…a force to reckon with !!

  18. Wow, that looks great!  But we are so similar — I am totally imagining ways to break the suit up by pairing each piece with other things.  Your comments about matching suits are totally consistent with how I feel.  It does look wonderful, though, especially with the softer blouse.

  19. Love the suit! It's different, but the flowy blouse I see peeking underneath is the perfect addition. I think it's still quite you! 😀

  20. I love Tahari and you are right–this suit fits you perfectly! And the blouse is a great juxtaposition–I would do the same!

    I rarely wear trousers but I would wear this suit in a heartbeat.  And such a deal!

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