Visible Monday #128: Wear Your Best Colors

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I’ve written before (here and here, at least) that olive is my “best” color. It matches my eyes and warms me up. So this thrifted blouse was an easy choice. It’s a little big on me and I need to tuck more carefully. But I love the subtle print, the gathered shoulders and the super easy care (it’s all poly).

The first skirt is a denim pencil that gets a lot of wear. Sofft booties, a vintage brown belt and a stone necklace, made by a friend, finish the outfit. The second outfit has more contrast, and I like the way the colors play together.

Sorry for the blur. It was early, and my photographer hadn’t had his coffee yet. Bless his heart.
The olive blouse looks yummy with a cobalt skirt too. Thrifted necklace and gifted bracelet.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. This is a bonus link-up- love that there are so many wonderful people here at the Visible party, Patti. And YOU are an unofficial spokesmodel for #secondhandfirst. LOVE YOU.

  2. I'm here, a little late. Blue and green always looks so good together. Pencil skirts are always so slimming.

  3. wow, that blue skirt is total perfection and it suits you so well. I really like the olive and blue combination even though I would have never thought of one like that. Very pretty and unexpected!

  4. You do look great in olive! I often debate iwth myself if I should wear colors that flatter me or colors I love, because unfortunately they are often not the same. Thanks for hosting as always.

  5. I really like this blouse a lot! I would never think of putting olive together with the cobalt, this is so unexpected!

  6. You know I love you in olive Patti – and the boots are the cherry on the top of this outfit! So very, very stylish :)) Thanks for hosting as always!

    Catherine x

  7. The blouse is lovely- great shape and I love something soft too! The two skirts go well with it! Hope you are well Patti x

  8. Yes, Ma'am … olive and cobalt! Never thought of them together, but you sure know your best colors, gorgeous Patti ! Really that top is so lovely in every possible way, and the textures just support your already excellent choices! Thanks again for inviting us all to play in your yard!

  9. I love olive green too, Patti! It looks wonderful on you. I am also a fan of Sofft and had exact same pair of booties! I loved them madly, but had to return. I couldn't wear because of my wide feet (hard to find really comfortable shoes for me)… What a fun link-up again! Thank you, Patti. for hosting it. I am off to reading other ladies' posts! Have a great week!

  10. You are right. It's a good idea to wear the right colours. I like the pattern on your blouse.
    Aktually I love darkblue (mixed with creame). Have a good time Sunny

  11. I really like both versions, Patti, but the second one, with the bright blue, does really leap out as particularly flattering and beautiful. Your hair is looking so pretty too!
    Thanks, as ever, for having us all over to yours! xxx

  12. You have stretched my stylescape, Patti. I wouldn't have thought of the olive and cobalt combo and it looks smashing! I seam to mostly think in terms of print "matching." hmmm. It's a whole new world out there.

  13. Great blouse. I can see you getting a lot of use out of it.


  14. And here all this time I thought your eyes were blue! my bad.

    Olive does look great on you.

    Something you are doing with your hair is definately working. It looks fuller.

    Thanks for being such a gracious hostess : )


  15. I honestly think you look beautiful in EVERYTHING you wear, but I see what you mean about olive being flattering on you. It warms up your skin and gives you such a pretty glow. I especially like your top paired with the bright blue skirt πŸ˜‰
    Happy Monday! β™₯

  16. You look gorgeous–olive suits you! It looks awful on me. Olive and brown both do.

  17. I agree, the material of this blouse is so pretty. I like it with both skirts. Nice to wear with a brown belt. I never think of such things while it obviously livens the outfit.
    This time I can join you again in Visible Monday. Very content with that.

  18. Cobalt and olive – what a genius combo Patti! I adore those booties, can't wait for the weather to cool down here so I can begin my annual pretence of a winter in Brisbane ;). xoxoxo

  19. Olive most definitely is your friend:) It's incredibly flattering on you. I am fascinated as fair skinned, blonde, it's not a colour I can wear well at all.

  20. Olive is definitely a good color on you!! I've found that I look best in really vibrant colors, so that's what I tend to wear the most.

  21. You look wonderful in all colours, Patti! the cobalt blue skirt is gorgeous! x

  22. You are so right! Olive looks great on you. It is such a versatile and rich color. I wish I could carry it off but not with my coloring. Have a wonderful week Patti!

  23. I love the color, print and neckline of that pretty olive blouse. Great cobalt skirt too. I'm doing a 30 for 30 remix and I included a skirt like yours which has been worn a lot already cause I love it.

    Today I have Miss Vivian showing you one of her pretty Outfits. As always my pleasure linking up. Hope you had a Great Easter, Ada. =)

  24. So much fun to join you another Monday.
    looking radiant, dear Patti

  25. For me, the first pairing says chilly weather and the second says spring – both great looks. In the mood I'm in I'm partial to the cobalt blue skirt. I love that the top brings out the colour of your eyes. Thanks for the party, number 128!?

  26. I've just linked up for the first time. I discovered your blog a month or so ago and I have to say that I really love it! I sew most of my own clothes so follow many sewing blogs, but not many style ones. It is wonderful to find one aimed at women over forty. And I agree with everyone else – olive does look wonderful on you!

  27. I'm loving that olive blouse. I'm having a thing for olive right now. Love the combo!

  28. Ooh, olive and cobalt! That isn't something I would have though of, but it's a smashing combo. Pretty blouse, and looks wonderful on you.

  29. This is a very pretty blouse, love its color and print and design looks quite interesting. I like both looks, the first one is more classy, the second one is more stunning.

  30. I see why that shirt was a no-brainer!! I love it: the color, drape, and the fact that it's a little big makes it even better, in my book. The blue skirt makes it pop, too. Verrry nice!

  31. You wear olive beautifully! Our coloring is somewhat the same and I have green eyes, too, but it doesn't work for me at all. I love it with that darling cobalt pencil skirt! Hot damn!

  32. In my opinion navy and chocolate brown is ultra chic. I love the rustic feel of your belt paired with the tailored skirt.

  33. Thank you for hosting Visible Monday Patti! I'm always happy when I make it to the linkup.

    Love your thrifted blouse and necklace! Photo #2 with the cobalt skirt brought out its real color. I like both looks, I'm afraid I can't choose. Good to know that since it's your favorite color, you've got tons of options to style the blouse with!

  34. This is a very classy outfit, Patti! You're right, olive is a great color for you, and it looks fab with both those blue skirts. No one wears a pencil skirt as well as you!

  35. I'm with you all the way on olive Patti. Green eyes and blonde, olive is your friend. I like how you paired it with blue. You look lovely, your hair is looking so fabulous!

    blue hue wonderland

  36. Loving the olive blouse and the versatility with the blue skirts… you look fabulous. Thank you for hosting..xo C. (HHL)

  37. Hi ya Patti- I daresay olive and cobalt is a color combo I had thought of before- and it works! Bless your photographer- I hope he got his cuppa! Thanks for hosting- it's nice to be seen with so many lovely ladies.

  38. You do look wonderful in olive!! I love it with both the dark denim and the cobalt!!

  39. These lightweight blouses are comfortable for the office all year – they wouldn't be good for middle-of-summer Florida *outdoors*. But very little is : >

  40. I agree…olive is very lux on you! The shad doesn't do a lot for my skin tone unfortunately. So I'm curious…are polyesters difficult to wear in the heat? In the past, as in years and years ago, polyester fabric made for hot and sticky. I just see so many pretty poly fabrics, but I've been shy about trying them again.

    Thanks bunches for hosting NDYS Patti!

  41. Great blouse and agreed, awesome colour on you, Patti. I love how it pops with cobalt.

  42. Oh, the olive and blue are stunning together! You've just given me a new pairing idea for TARDIS Tuesdays! Now to find some olive…

  43. That IS a beautiful blouse. So soft and sweet. Patti you really do know what looks best. I am forever impressed!

  44. I agree about wearing colors that work well for us… It just so happens that my post for Monday was wearing a maxi skirt that matches back to my hair! I love this olive blouse and the print. I have not tried pairing olive and cobalt , but am now inpired to give it a try! You look fabulous in "your color"!

  45. I do think the colors we wear are important. I just bought swatches in my season from Color Me Beautiful that I plan to use next time I go shopping. The colors I wore today are in my season, but I tend to like to try about any color. I like the olive with the bright blue. Such an unusual, yet beautiful, combination. Debbie @

  46. Same shirt with 2 different color skirts that give you 2 different look. I think the teal skirt pairing is more lively and fun πŸ™‚

  47. Patti, I love this olive with the cobalt skirt. What a difference a color will make to a blouse, the cobalt just brings out all the vibrant colors and worn with the men's style leather belt is absolutely perfect.

  48. I really like this blouse a lot, Patti!!. Olive is one of my best colors as well..lovely outfit and thanks for hosting the link up!

  49. I love that olive colour and how you put it with the blues – must try it too – you look great!

  50. You're right about olive being a terrific color for you, Patti! I really love the print of the blouse as well. It looks very expensive and works well with both the navy and the cobalt skirts!
    Thanks for hosting!


  51. i domt think i own any olive but would love to try it, and wow! the bright blue and olive work amazingly together!!
    as always patti, thanks for being our lovely host.: ) x

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