My Five Piece Wardrobe Experiment (Doing It My Way)

As part of my evolving wardrobe mojo, I’m adapting a variation of the Five-Piece Wardrobe. There’s a billion pages written about this wardrobe system, and it doesn’t mean you have only five pieces. Its about having a stash of “basics” (like my “uniforms” here) and adding a few special pieces every season. These pieces give you joy, and multiply what you’ve already got. At least that’s how I am interpreting it.

I believe you’ll know these special pieces when you see them (or take them home): they seem like they were made just for you, and how lucky that you found each other. This has happened to me with, among others, my second hand Trina Turk coat, Cydwoq booties (eBay’ed), hand crafted and vintage jewelry.

Just browsing this past week’s Visible Monday, I saw some splendid examples of singular clothing and accessories that make an impact:

1. Vix’s boots. They will make every one of her spectacular outfits even more so.


2. Jill’s cotton jacket. Fine quality and a structural shape – and Jill found it second-hand.


3. Anna’s tartan coat. You have to click and see how three different bloggers styled this statement jacket!


I’m experimenting with the five-item routine not because I want/need rules for getting dressed. Phooey to most rules, except for covering my special areas when I go outdoors. It’s about inspiring myself to add a couple of truly exceptional pieces every season, not counting fresh white tee shirts and jeans. Most of my foundation pieces, like the jeans and tees, are basic, but sometimes with a twist. My latest tee, for example:


I adore her.

Here are some ideas I have for my special summer pieces (Florida Spring equals Summer, so there’s one fewer season to plan for  : >):


Ultra-comfortable and adorable soft blue sandals.


A statement pendant to wear every day.


Vintage Claude Montana linen suit, delightful.

What might you want to add to your summer closet? Stay fabulous,

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  2. The “Notorious RBG” t-shirt is THE BEST! She is awesome, isn’t she? Are you visiting Toronto in the summer? If you have time, I’d be happy to meet you for lunch when you’re there (I’m about two hours away).

  3. I know those boots!! Thank you for the shout you, my fabulous friend.
    I could never do capsule but when I do find something amazing I’m happy to donate/sell/giveaway at least two less impressive versions. The snakeskin boots replaced two pair of ankle boots which looked good but were impossible to walk in. xxx

  4. I like your way much better Patti.
    I could never (EVER) manage to live with a “capsule”. It would not matter how chic/expensive/classic/flattering (etc) the items were.
    I would cry. :oP

  5. Nice choices. From Suzanne’s comment, it sounds like you’re gonna meetup with her. Where, in Toronto? I want to visit Toronto and she would be on the top of my list.

  6. My camera or my card is having issues. So haven’t had a chance to post any photo of my finds or anything.
    I love second hand places. I don’t recall the number my mom had. But if a piece had only one purpose in fashion it not worth getting.
    Anyhow my mom was very frugal and classy.
    Coffee is on

  7. Well, we all know that Anna and Jill are stars but the the RBG tee and those booties you have maintained a spot in the cool girls club. So fetch!

  8. that montana suit is gorgeous – i totally see it on you – especially the color!!!
    your plan sounds like a good one – actually i´m a bit un-inspired myself. but no jeans&tee here – so i need an other trick 🙂
    p.s.: thank you for the lovely comment on my yellow skirt post!! 🙂

  9. i know, we have to go shopping, I mean go reflecting on the significance of life!! Can’t wait to see your Sgt. Pepper’s jacket. xox

  10. I too adore Vix’s new/old boots. What a find!

    My wardrobe is filled with 5 special pieces multiplied by…oooh…a lot! LOL

    Yesterday I took some items to the consignment store and swore up and down I’d bring back only cash. Ha! Add on one Ralph Lauren band jacket that looks a bit like what the Beatles wore on Sgt. Pepper’s, a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, a fabulous scarf and another amazing one-of-a-kind print dress. Heck on that trip alone I picked up another five items.

    Eeeek! Cannot wait till you get here : )


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