I Mostly Wear A uniform, And I Like It


As a spirited retired woman, I still love style. But I don’t crave variety in my closet as much as I once did. I don’t trawl the Mall looking for my next new thing (I do still trawl every thrift store within my area code). I am more and more drawn to daily “uniforms” –  not work overalls or corporate suits, but familiar formulas. These combinations look good on me, are easy to care for, and can be embellished easily with scarves, pins, funky shoes, cardigans, belts and lipstick.


My first uniform consists of modern “girlfriend” jeans, a knit top or chambray shirt (double denim, yes), a great piece of vintage jewelry, and either oxfords for “dressy” days, heh, or sneakers. The cool kind of sneakers, not my puffy white workout shoes. I may be 60, but I still have dignity. Here’s an example:



And a second version of my daily uniform revolves around a full skirt, to the knee or better. Top it with any of my knits or chambray shirts, add wedge sandals and a colorful necklace or bracelet. It’s so simple, yes?



It’s lovely to have fewer clothing decisions to make – this is not slavishly following the French Style, is it? ‘Cause if it is, I shall add my Rolling Stones tee to shake things up. This wardrobe is simple and stylish for me, to have a signature look and still keep my own mojo rising. What say you all? More variety or more repetition for you these days?

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  1. Love the new website. Been awhile since I’ve been by! I have begun to adapt more to a uniform because my life has changed up a bit. Jeggings, long and cropped, tunics or tank tops with cardigans or not. Slip on shoes, either tennis shoes or fancier loafers. Comfort is key, but so is move-ability, as well as a wardrobe I don’t have to change every time I lose/gain 5-10 lbs. Standard jeans and trousers don’t cut it. I’ve also given up several colors, settling for black, grey, and white with blues and oranges. I still have a few bright pieces I won’t give up until they’re worn out, but when I purchase something new, that’s where I’m drawn.

  2. I’ve never had to wear a uniform to school or work, and while I can see that it saves time and energy otherwise spent on decision making, I just can’t image me wearing the same (or similar) outfit every day. Like a few other people have mentioned, my choices in what I wear reflect how I’m feeling that day, and is my means of creative expression.

  3. I LOVE wearing a uniform! I think it’s a sign of style maturity and actualization to have a wardrobe uniform. It makes life so much easier — 2 minutes and you’re dressed and ready!

    Your uniforms are so great too. Love the striped top — it’s part of my own uniform too (so timeless).


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  4. I’m pretty much uniform in what I like. I think it dates back to wearing uniforms to school. I’ve been wearing blazers since 1962..and plaid as well. My casual everyday uniform pretty much consists of a fitted white tee shirt, skinny jeans, a navy fitted blazer (j. crew schoolboy that has been discontinued) and either Repetto ballet flats or Bass loafers. When I get dressed up a bit I like to keep a neutral palette. i.e. black, or navy. But I do like do go with splashes of red. For me, it’s more about a classic cut. LOL. I actually wrote a post about fashion today!

  5. Clothing and textiles is how I’ve always expressed myself. As a teenager in the late sixties, early seventies, long dresses…or cut up to your behind…were the style, and if I wanted long enough dresses, due to my height, I had to make them myself. This gave me an appreciation for fabric and design. I’ve never lost that! Being eclectic with my wardrobe, while not being a crazy lady, is my art.

  6. I can’t get on the bandwagon of a uniform!! I want variety and choices especially now that I’m retired! I feel like I was pigeonholed enough when working—had to look professional…had to be serious….had to make sure my jewelry didn’t clang into my patient’s faces (ha ha)! Now is my time to wear all those things I couldn’t wear before!
    But as I always say—it’s good we’re different—how boring it’d be if we were all the same!! jodie

  7. I definitely am leaning more towards the idea of a “uniform” these days! I love simple outfits I know work for my body type and the idea that if I pull something out it can go with anything in my closet! Loved this! XO -Kim

  8. I’m with Suzanne, a uniform brings back bad memories of pinstriped suits and scary jobs for me, I’m all for variety and loads of it!
    I suppose the basics would be armfuls of bangles, huge earrings, a ring on every finger, bright lipstick, black eyeliner and some ankle boots. xxx

    • I do agree, “uniform” can have a bad connotation. I like “basics” too, as we all do have a love of certain basics! xox

  9. My choices seem to come down to comfort – clothes that will work with hot flashes, tops I can wear with no bra (unless I’m in an office, then I’ll make that sacrifice), something I can sit in all day if necessary, socks that are appropriate for the shoes, shoes that are appropriate for how much walking I’ll be doing. I’m still working on standardizing within these requirements!

    • Ahh, comfort is so important at my age! I wear shelf-bra camis instead of bras, soooo much more comfortable. xox

  10. I love the mixed media feel of your wardrobe picks and totally understand what we want in our 60’s is simple and stylist with a touch of vintage…love the adventure of thrift shopping and love your blog Patti!

  11. I am very easily bored. Thus why my wardrobe is like a very colourful psychotic dream.

    Fewer decisions means less creativity for me. I equate my clothing to artist tools. The more paints, chalks, pencils, papers, patterns, pens, crafty supplies I have, the more opportunity to create without boundaries. Limiting my supplies suffocates my creativity. I feel the same way about my wardrobe.

    The very idea of wearing a uniform brings back memories of being forced to wear one for work for years. I’ve rebelled again the idea of a uniform for most of my life.


    • You go on rebelling, woman! You have a wonderful, diversified style and incorporate your magical artist skills. xox

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