My Wish List For Spring, Oh What A Spring

A wish list for Spring. For many Springs I have made a style wish list, and sometimes I shared it with the world. Spring is the time to find clothes I can wear all year long In Florida. It’s lovely – a rite of Spring – to sort through sleeveless blouses and cotton skirts and wedge sandals. I would often thrift a Spring-y purse and scarf, to gild the lily.

Pretty and fresh, and a nice price. Source.

The Spring of 2020 feels incredibly different, almost surreal. What to wear for Spring is close to the bottom of my list of ideas, as I try to devise toilet paper alternatives – a friend suggested lettuce leaves – and my husband is working on a prototype resuscitator using batteries and plastic Coke bottles (mostly kidding).

We’re not at the peak of COVID-19 infections yet here in the U.S. I support social distancing and the cancellation of public events, although a part of my heart was ripped out when baseball was canceled. We’re following all the guidelines. The need to wear something different every day is fading, as now almost no one sees me except my dear, sainted husband and two elderly cats.

This casual capsule could carry me through another year, at the rate I’m dressing. 😊 Source.

But there is always a place for wishing, right? And Spring brings flowers, leafy trees, wonderful smells, and the perfect temperatures. Let’s go down that path, even though many of the paths ahead look murky. Here’s my wish list for the Spring of 2020 (may you never repeat):

More Netflix movies and series. I never thought I would wish for more Netflix series. There are already about one billion of them. But I find I need a few more, as these staying-home days drag on and on. Season 4 of Better Call Saul is deep and sad, but beautifully done.

To become more useful. There are things I can do to help, as long as I stay out of crowds. I can support charities, donate food to the food bank, be modest in my consumption, and more. This article is a guide to helping. See it in action: “”Volunteer Danielle Pingue packs boxes as part of the Grocery Plus senior program at the Capital Area Food Bank in the District.”

Please, and please, and I’ll delay all my other wishes: a vaccine for this virus, and effective medical treatments to decrease its deadliness. Strength and wisdom for all the scientists, doctors and nurses. Adequate hospital beds, clean sheets and water for everyone, and a spirit of peace.

OK, I still wish for the perfect denim skirt. It has eluded me for over 20 years. Yeah, it’s easy to find a stylish dark denim skirt that’s 15″ long (hah). I’m looking for a modern midi, slim-cut style with personality. Something like this, maybe, but under $100.

Love this, but the price is insane.

What is on your Spring wish list, whether it’s style or wishes that are more intangible? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Browse these Spring treats:

Header image via source.

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  1. I love Paris in the springtime – maybe. I won’t find out this year. Suzanne said to me how it’s funny that thing that can harm us most these days is our inability to stay home and watch TV. Right? It puts so much into perspective. Your wish list is not dissimilar to mine. And that’s a mighty fine denim skirt. It will be waiting for you in a thrift shop when the clouds lift. Nature gives me hope.

    • Hi Mel! Thanks for coming over – I’m just staying home and watching TV, ha! Yes, as soon as the clouds lift, we’ll be making travel plans, without masks. xox

  2. I’m wishing that the government gets going with the financial assistance for small business owners and the folks that have had to be laid off….and for people to use their common sense….and for a cure. The perfect denim skirt would also be nice.

    • Common sense is always welcome. Thanks for coming by Shelley, and I agree the aid to small business needs to happen asap. Take good care, xo.

  3. These are such strange times, aren’t they Patti. Yes, surreal might be the correct word. We’re all observing social distancing here and everything except food shops are closed. So strange that the toilet paper hoarding is a universal thing. We still had some but were starting to run out. Luckily my husband was able to buy a 9-pack earlier today. Stay safe, Patti! xxx

    • Wow, your food stores are closed too? That is a hardship! But congrats to your husband scoring a nine-pack : > Stay well, xo.

  4. Women can reduce toilet paper use to almost nothing if they improvise a bidet. My main toilet is right next to a bathtub which has a long hose as part of the faucet. Very easy to spray myself with water, then pat myself dry with a washcloth. Replace the washcloth frequently, of course; thank goodness we still have running water, electricity etc.! A dishwashing detergent bottle filled with warm water could work. Men’s use of tp is minimal, I assume.

    • Good ideas, Carol. Necessity brings out the creativity in us, right? I hope you are well, and remain so! xo

  5. OMG I had a denim skirt that was almost identical….many decades ago. What goes around comes around.
    That straw bag is adorable.
    Re Netflix: Part 4 of Money Heist (Casa del Papel) is out next Friday. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend binging. But if you watch the first episode, you WILL binge it, heart racing.

    • Oh thank you, TOF, for the heads-up on the Money Heist series! something to look forward to. And yes, all those cool hippie style have come around again, although I didn’t save any from the first time around! Stay well, xo.

  6. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the denim skirt you’ve linked, I should just order one and see if it fits. The straw Etsy handbag is so adorable! I know, I didn’t put on makeup or do my hair yesterday-yikes! As for toilet paper, I made some using double layered flannel 6″ square. I use it about 75% of the time–works like a charm!

    • Good morning Kim, and I’m glad you’re feeling well! We don’t need makeup or hairdo’s these days, do we? We’re saving so much time : > Bravo to you for creating your own toilet paper! xo

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