Can We Still Find The Beauty?

Can we still find the beauty? These are not times when beauty is the first thing that comes to mind. I want to wake up with a grateful attitude but my thoughts turn to illness, an illness that has a mind and will of its own. One that we are trying merely to contain, with no hope yet for cure. When my thoughts turn shallow, as they will, I think about not having rubbing alcohol within a few days, and having exactly 2.5 weeks worth of toilet paper in the closet (toilet paper calculator here!)

Funny? Or not funny yet? Source.

But we can train our minds to find the beauty that’s always been there. I cut a branch from the bushes surrounding our apartment and it makes a welcome sight in a glass on the table.  Our gray cat has fur that’s so dense it looks like shiny feathers. For lunch, a cup of Pasta Fagioli with Parmesan sprinkled on top is beautiful. I made it myself! From a mix, but I did all the stirring, heh. 

Can you see the feathers? It might be just me.

A dove lands on the balcony – innocent and charming – and the gray cat gets her growl going (no contact is ever allowed) – it’s beautiful. Beauty that takes you to another plane: the second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. The pink of the sky at about 7:30PM, the softening and fading of the colors before complete dark.

We’ve always known beauty is in our minds, so we train our minds to see it, even within a dreary moment in human history.

Clothes can be beautiful. This one’s easy, right? I love to flip through the designer slide shows in the New York Times. The colors, patterns, the exquisite young people walking down the runway, all the talent.

Yes, in the eye of the beholder! Dressed in cutting edge clothes designed by Vancouver fashion students, what a blast.

Faces are beautiful. Cat faces, pug faces and our own faces. Can you sketch a face? I’m trying to learn; I’ve got the time. 😊

Is there anything more beautiful? Source.

Food and drink are beautiful. I drink my water out of a Stella Artois goblet. The blueberries in my cereal are fat bowling balls today. I put my Famous Amos cookies on a vintage 1960’s plate (briefly, before consuming).

Smiles are beautiful. Old and corny, but still true. When I venture out to the produce store – to get more blueberries and packs of Pasta Fagioli – the smile of the cashier transforms the moment into something real. We’re not just scavengers, we’re still humans.

From the balcony – goodnight, beautiful sky.

How do you find the beauty these days? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, don’t touch your (beautiful) face, xo

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  1. This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very precise information Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

  2. Patti, this is a beautifully written post and truly resonates as we all face uncertain times. Finding the beauty in the simplest of pleasures warms the heart and is so important for our well being. Take care, xx

    • Hello Jill and I hope you are feeling well. There is so much beauty in your part of the world! Stay safe, enjoy the good moments, xo.

  3. It is very easy to become obsessed with the terrible situations all over the world (Italy, Spain, and our beloved New York) and more difficult to find the bright spots in the day. I am working from home, and trying to find a routine, and small things that can lighten the day. I’m glad I have Sylvester with me – he’s not a good conversationalist but he likes to snuggle. Keep well Patti!

    • You too, Shelley. A quiet, snuggly cat is a good friend! Yes, I hope we get to have a coffee in Washington Square sometime soon. xo

  4. What a beautifully written poignant post.

    I can see the feathers! And that pug face : P.

    I can almost feel the warm, moist, ocean scented breeze from your balcony in the photo of the sunset.

    Focusing on the simple things makes space for some hope. Thanks for this!


    • Making space for hope – that’s a beautiful phrase to remember. Thanks for coming over, dear Suzanne, and stay hopeful. And kiss the pug! xox

  5. Lovely post— def the little things these days. Glad your doing well and finding some beauty. Nice to be able to check in on everyone with blogging, too.

  6. There is still beauty to be found, even if it’s temporarily only in the small things. Without these, we wouldn’t be able to keep our sanity I think. Such a beautifully written post, Patti, and I thank you for that. How I would love to wake up with a grateful attitude! Keep safe, Patti! xxx

    • I agree, Ann, we have to keep some normalcy in our lives. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts, xo.

  7. Patti, there certainly is a lot to be sad about these days, and it is far too easy to fall into a state of melancholy. But looking for beauty and having a grateful heart can help to neutralize all the negative emotions that inevitably bubble up when dealing with such a huge crisis. I have been enjoying all of the flowers that are popping up in my backyard, and the bees that they attract. Every Spring, I like to watch my cypress tree turn from a bare tree into a lush green sanctuary for the birds. There’s been a mama duck wandering into my backyard daily with her ducklings, another reminder that Spring has indeed sprung here in Central Florida. I’m grateful to all the healthcare workers, and grocery store employees that are helping us through this pandemic. Thank you for your insightful article, it reminded me to look around and find beautiful moments in my little corner of the world.

    • Good morning, Mariann and thank you for coming by. It sounds like you are finding beauty and calm in Nature. I’d love to see the ducklings! Yes, the workers on the frontlines are heroes, much gratitude to them. xo

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