Bring Back The Six Piece Wardrobe

Our new stay-at-home rallying call: bring back the six-piece wardrobe! The six-piece wardrobe was a thing for a moment, on-and-off from 2010 – 2016, remember? Minimalism was on the throne, and closet de-cluttering was an international pastime. As an experiment, I even tried a ten-piece wardrobe for a week. For a week, it was easy. For a full life of working, shopping, visiting friends, and pub-hopping it would not have cut the mustard.

I reflect back now that the six-piece wardrobe was not a specific prescription, but a wake-up call for how much clothing we own. How much impact our carefree, fast-fashion buying was having on the environment. It was a positive step in raising awareness: our closets are overstuffed, and we actually need very little to make a complete wardrobe. And it’s time to revive the six piece meme, for style in the time of Coronavirus. If I can adapt to two squares of toilet paper, I think I can deal with a small wardrobe. 😊

Below is a polished, classic collection of clothes from InStyle magazine that can be accessorized for work or play (or quarantine). I especially adore a black, white, or gray camisole, in varying fabrics, as the base for any look. I have been wearing a gray or black knit camisole by GAP (sans bra) for many days in the last two weeks, and it does make me feel better than a hole-y tee.

These exact items are long sold-out, but you can find classics like this at Nordie’s, eBay, J. Crew, Lands End, and of course at the second-hand shops.

Always simplify where you can, that’s my motto. We have four towels, two sets of sheets and hardly any cookware, heh. Here are some soothing, simple, and stylish pieces to assemble an isolate-at-home, run -to-the-produce-store, kind of wardrobe:

A knit skirt or loose pajama-style pants can be your go-to bottoms for many weeks. Comfort and stretch are crucial, but we don’t have to go sloppy.

Ultra comfortable but still neat. Source.

Camisoles and tank tops are de rigeur for isolation wardrobes. If it’s still chilly where you are, try a long sleeved tee with a slim but not tight fit.

I love a shot of color and an easy fit. Nice price, too.

A cropped sweatshirt combines comfort and a little bit of edge. If a bit of midriff shows, I’m OK with that. Only my husband, cats, and grocery delivery person will see!

It doesn’t have to be super-cropped. This one is edgy and still modest.

The most funky sneakers you can find. Sneakers are modern and so comfortable, for all that Netflixing we have to do. Great, too, for a mini-walk.

Love this snakeskin print, it goes with everything.

Fun socks and red lipstick. Maybe for you it’s a dot of blush or a single coat of mascara. For me, lip color can change my mood, and let me forget that I am a (lucky, healthy) shut-in.

Yes, these are even named “Happy Socks.”

How do you dress for the days of Coronavirus? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Browse these simple treats:

Header image via source.

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  1. I always enjoy a minimalistic challenge, but can’t manage minimalism for a long time!.
    I’ve been wearing pyjama-style trousers for weeks, and adding some necklaces, earrings and lipstick to feel more me. And obviously, I’m wearing slippers most of the time, but I think they look cute!.
    Lipstick makes a difference!

  2. As I’ve been working at home for almost a month now, my daily wardrobe has basically be reduced to 6 pieces! It certainly has reduced my laundry load, but I do hope to be able to go back to putting together outfits some time this summer.

  3. Eh, I’ve never been a fan of a minimal wardrobe, although I did participate in those 10 items for a week challenges back in the day! They are fun and a good way to inject creativity into one’s dressing.

    I’ve been enjoying having my spring and summer clothes back in rotation and having fun making new outfits! No more shopping for a while, I’m sure. Glad to see you’re still posting, Patti! I hope you and Sandy and the kitties are well.

    • Sheila is not thrifting, arghhh!! Your closet is gorgeous and well-stocked, so you can have a blast creating outfits. Hugs to you and L and V, xox.

  4. How are things at your end? I’m enjoying t-shirts and shorts most of the time. Trying to stay occupied and reading a lot. Stay Safe. . .

    • You too, Neti – stay safe and healthy! All is well here, and I am enjoying a similar wardrobe to yours : > xo

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