Visible Monday #123: Wear A Summer Dress in Winter

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Florida winters don’t get any sympathy anyway, so why not extend the wear of a light summer dress – on a chilly 68 degree day? I wear this Modcloth dress a lot in the summer, with sandals and not much else. For a February work day, I layered it over a GAP black tee and black tights.

I’m lucky to be able to dress this casually for my office. It lets me mix up my “work” and “play” clothes. The boots are the fab square-toe Donald J. Pliners I thrifted in NYC for $20. They look navy in the second picture, but they’re black nylon with leather trim and lining. I heart them.

I’m wearing my husband’s big watch because my battery died, and I am too old to use my cell
phone to tell time.
“I am a cat on the go, so I’m going.”

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. It's a challenge to look casual and relaxed, yet stylish, but you nailed it. I love the blue on you. You look so pretty!

  2. Cracking up because I know how hated we Floridians are right now. It's okay – by the end of July we'll be at the other end of the spectrum with melted makeup and frizzy hair. LOVE your outfit!

  3. I love your dress and those blue boots! This outfit is totally my style! I have a pair of blue boots that I'm always searching for dresses and outfits to wear with them.

  4. Hey, Patti! You season-defying little dynamo! Such a good idea, and an adorable outfit. You look the complete youngster, in just the best way. Loving the hair … I thing you have your desired look down just right!
    Thank you again for hosting!

  5. I'd swap winters with you anytime! This is such a sweet tunic, I love the print, and it's look great with those wonderful blue boots!

  6. I love the pattern of that tunic, and how effortlessly you've transformed it into a winter outfit with all the dark layering. Looking great dear Patti!

  7. Haha, the Canadian in me is thinking: chilly is such a relative term! But it must be refreshing to have somewhat cooler temps. I love the dress, very ethnic-chic.
    P.S. Don't hate me, but my take on Visible Monday was a bit ironic this week. Thanks again for hosting. xo

  8. Oh, I wish chilly meant 68 degrees here in Maryland, lol! Lucky you! 😉 Love the dress and Happy Monday!


  9. I loved that dress when you wore it in the summer and it's adorable now over the t & tights!!
    Unfortunately it's just too cold to wear summer stuff, even layered, here!!
    And bonus cute cat picture!!

  10. yes, I know I get no pity for Florida winter. I might actually need socks today . . .

  11. What a great idea! I'll be emulating it for sure once my weather warms up in June 🙂 I'm intrigued about you comment about being too old to check the time on your cell phone? I'm 54, I use my cell phone to check the time all day.

  12. SoCal winters don't get much sympathy either. People have been commenting on my blog about my appearing to long for spring with my recent outfits and I haven't the heart to tell them that, compared to the rest of the country, it pretty much IS spring where I am.

  13. Why are our pets so intrigued by photo time? My dog is all over it at the moment! Love the boots and the layering. Thanks so much for hosting once again – I always love visible monday!!!

  14. ha ha! No. But I do have the live furry hot water bottle : )

    My bikini is striped. Makes me think I want a blue or black polka dot one now. For the amount of time I ever where a bikini around these parts I don't worry about it so much.

    You however…you must have quite the bathing suit collection!


  15. It is okay to wear a summer dress when you are so anxious to get into spring. Heck my pastel pink is spring for sure. Yes, I want spring now. {I shouldn't complain, we had rain instead of snow over the weekend with warmer temps on their way, yay!}

  16. I like dresses worn with tights, boots and sweaters. It doubles the life of a dress and is great when travelling.

  17. Our winter is at the point where I've almost given up on dresses if I actually have to go outdoors at any point, though I'll gladly wear them inside my house just because I miss them! 🙂 I like the black layers with the fun pattern of your dress!

  18. Hi Patti, thanks for the link-up. I am new to blogging and this is my first link-up. The steps were so easy to follow. I love your dress, it looks so comfy.

  19. Patti, thanks for having me on Visible Monday. I love your outfit today. The dress is gorgeous. This is one of those outfits that looks effortlessly cool.

  20. I love your today-style! This gorgeous pattern.. wonderful! Love also the length of the dreass and your boots! I´m also wearing my watch sometimes over the sleeves 😉
    Cute cat.. you know.. I love cats! 🙂

    wish you a wonderful week
    many greetings from Germany

  21. I love that Ikat Dress, so pretty. Great job winterizing it. I love your Boots. =)

    A Pleasure as always being part of your link up. Happy Monday!!

  22. This is the BEST way to recycle summer dress! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  23. Oh, the picture is nice together with the cat! And your lok too … Have a great and playful week 🙂
    And thanks for hosting.

  24. I absolutely love this outfit, Patti! Very elegant boots (and seem like a great deal too), and fun pattern dress. I am linking up for the first time with all of you, wonderful ladies. Seems like such a fun way to find new friends bloggers! Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂 Natalia of In The Writers Closet

  25. Ah 68 .. that is chilly .. lol. Only someone from SoCal would say that though 🙂 It was 72 in the desert this weekend – doesn't get any better than that.

    Great idea with the dress .. add long sleeves, tights and you get extended use out of a lighter article of clothing in your closet ~ well done.


  26. Great look Patti! The pattern on the dress is so gorgeous, you look really good in blue/navy! Thanks for the link up! Hugs, Beata xxx

  27. LOL Patty, I also hat checking on the time with my phone, I gotta have a watch at my wrist ! I love your dress, you can't go wrong with flowers, and I also use the trick of opaque tights with light dresses to style a summer dress in cold season. You look lovely ! Thanks for hosting visible monday and have a wonderful week ahead. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  28. I love this. I'm a big fan of wearing summer in winter. If only because I live somewhere where technically it is our winter most of the time. A girl has got to infuse some colour and lightheartedness when she can!

  29. Hi Patti!! Your outfit shows the perfect way to wear a summery piece in cooler weather. The dress is perfect here and I'm sure later on. Xxxooo

  30. Thanks for the link-up and LOVE the lighting in that 2nd photo to see the details of your dress! {and cat} The shape of it is fabulous and your thrift finds are amazing – how do you do it??!

  31. I feel a great vintage vibe from this outfit, like you're strolling down a London(!) street, swinging a groovy white vinyl bag (a nice one, expensive too, but you got it on sale). I said in my post that I'd like to boogie board in Fla. – 68 is chilly for you? Sounds toasty warm to me… Thanks for the party.

  32. I love winterrising summer dresses- black tops and black leggings underneath is a great way to do it! Loving your gorgeous Modcloth dress! I am also lucky to have a none-too-strict dress code at work- as long as it's not jeans, it's fine!

  33. I *am* kidding you – I know it's really pretty warm here, but my blood has thinned : >

  34. haha! I do know we are lucky to be so warm. Do you really have a yellow polka dot bikini??

  35. The boots are a fabulous deal that look fun with the dress. Such a pretty print in blues!

    blue hue wonderland

  36. Patti, I love being able to wear summer dressing in the winter, this is a fabulous way of wearing this particular dress. Oh, those boots are absolutely beautiful. As for your husband's watch, I say wear it more often, it really adds to this look. By the way, I'm really loving your hair right now.

  37. Love the casual chic of this look, Patti, what a gorgeous print and blue is a colour that always suits you so well. And I do like those boots very much, so cool.
    You know 68 degrees isn't really chilly, don't you?! That's just Florida-speak!
    Thank you, as always, for hosting. xxxx

  38. What an adorable dress and styled so cute too! I'm really enjoying being part of Visible Monday! OXOX Dawn Lucy

  39. Patti this is one of those outfits that gets better and better the more you look at it… I love that the boots are bluer than I first thought (very blue in the second pic). It's such a fun look and totally you..!!

    have a great week,
    Catherine x

  40. Hi Patti! No Sympathy! Lol. I love to wear my summer dresses in winter, but quite frankly, its been so cold here this winter, I just cant do it without freezing no matter how many layers I have on!
    I love your A-line shift dress and boots. xoxox

  41. Blue is such a great colour on you.

    Your hair is looking thicker…so whatever you're doing…don't stop!

    68…I DREAM of 68! That is when I have on my itsy bitsy teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikini and carry around my live pug accessory that acts as a hot water bottle for whatever sticking out bits get chilly.

    Oh to be 68 degrees!


  42. You look fabulous Patti – I love, love the dress, your laying and the boots!

  43. I was really hoping to see you wearing Docs in this post! Well, there's still time…

    Those are pretty fab boots for $20, and they look great with that beautiful dress. But are you sure you can keep warm enough? It must be absolutely frigid there. ;~)

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