Your Favorite Style Purchase Of The Year?


What was your favorite style acquisition of 2016? (Or at least the last few months, because unless it was a wedding gown, who can remember what we bought last January?) Did you buy or receive a fabulous piece of jewelry, a vintage scarf or awesome booties? We can leave the not-so-great purchases aside for now, and assume they were returned, re-thrifted or eBay-ed!

Here are my highlights of the year, closet-wise:

I don’t buy a lot of full price retail, but I had to have these amazing Born boots. And I am so glad I got them in September because they walked me all over New York City in comfort. I wear them to volunteer at the thrift, too, when I am on my feet all day. I love the Cafe Distressed color.3626086-p-4x

This hot pink blazer, thrifted in Greenwich Village, is getting a lot of wear. It’s not really what I thought of as “my” color, but I took a chance. As it turns out, hot pink goes with everything – I’ve even worn it over a red sweater.


A pink jacket is surprisingly versatile.


I found these high-waist cropped jeans at the Molly Mutt where I volunteer, and again I was taking a chance (well, a $3 chance). I’ve discovered I love the higher waist with a top tucked in, and I like to bare my ankles. Now the challenge will be to find another, similar pair!



A gray cashmere vee-neck, almost new and soft as a kitten, was another great thrift score. The brand is Joseph, which I had to look up and yes, it’s a very nice sweater that someone just didn’t love. I love it.


It’s a simple sweater, like this one.


Please share your treasures, and stay fabulous,


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  1. Great finds Patti! Love them all. My favorite purchase of the year was my hat by Carol Markel. It lives on a manikin head in my bedroom. Hope your holidays have been grand!

    • Ah your hats – all so beautiful and meaningful. Lovely to look at them as well as wear them. xo

  2. Great idea for a post. Your selections are beautiful. I’m especially attracted to the jacket, of course, because of its color. (No surprise there!)

  3. I love your booties and that pink blazer looks stunning, such a magnificent color and you look gorgeous wearing it!. I’ve become a huge fan of jackets this year, and purchased some second hand ones which were pretty enjoyed. But my favorite piece has been a pink brocade jacket which was sent to me by a friend.

  4. I really love your boots and that pink blazer looks stunning, such a magnificent color and you look gorgeous wearing it!. I’ve become a huge fan of jackets and blazers and purchased some second hand ones this year. But my favorite ítem is a pink brocade jacket which was sent to me by a friend!.

  5. Funny, I’ve been admiring those Born boots myself. 🙂 This year my favorite purchase was a sikver, square faced, black leather watch. It feels very sophisticated and sleek when I put it on. It’s a Michael Kors, but it is completely unlike his usual style, his name is in tiny pale print on the face. No giant MK to be seen. Maybe that’s why I got it for 50% off, yay!

  6. This is a tough one as I purchase lots of vintage items for my store and then pass them onto new loving owners.

    For me personally maybe the vintage suede full midi skirt that I think I have yet to feature on the blog is one of my favourites.


    • C’mon, we need to see it! You are such a fab shopper, it would be difficult to choose just a couple of items, xox

  7. Born shoes are definitely made for walking. Acid green and bright-as-fuck orange are my ‘surprise!’ colors that work for me. My orange chucks and orange ginkgo print purse have been workhorses this year. Also a pair of plaid Vans. A pair of slip-ons is a MUST for pet sitting.

  8. I love your wardrobe system, and I remember those pieces too! You’ve inspired me to add a suit next year. xo

  9. Okay…I confess…I actually DO remember everything I bought since last January. For one thing…I’m really anal about that..and I write down my new spring and fall/winter acquisitions in my little book. And for another….I don’t actually buy all that much. So my fav thing this year is a toss up between my Rag and Bone navy dress I bought in the spring…very edgy in the details but classic in style. And my Veronica Beard navy pant suit I bought late in the summer…with skinny cropped pants and a jacket that has a zip out hoodie. I must have something going with navy this year. Thanks for making me smile as I remember those, Patti.
    And Happy New Year!

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