What I Wore: Pattern-Mixing, I Can’t Stop

I do fear that six months from now, I’ll look back at some of these outfits and say hmmm, Patti, what overcame you? But I’m having fun with pattern mixing, especially anything with stripes.

I bought this sassy striped sweater at the 15 Dollar Store. Guess how much? (Whenever we go into the Dollar Store, my husband loves to hold things up and ask me “How much is this?” He’s hilarious!) The print dress underneath is Lauren Ralph Lauren, thrifted earlier this year.

I love my nude wedge sandals. Looks like another couple weeks of 80 degree
days, so they’ll be worn lots more.

Black and white looks forever fresh to me. Just a touch of color is added with a bright green bangle, thrifted at Beacon’s Closet in New York. We’re going back to NYC for a visit next week! I shall most definitely return to Beacon’s to sample the goods.

Are you pattern mixing? Am I hopelessly late in this trend? It wouldn’t be the first nor the last time, but I don’t really mind. Fashion is for fun and expression, and being Not Dead Yet.

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  1. We have shops called 'Poundland' where everything is a pound.  They employ a lot of people with learning difficulties, very laudable.  Some items are so many for a pound.  One day I asked an employee about one of these items.  How many cans are there for a pound?  I asked.  He looked at me kindly.  'Everything in here is a pound', he explained kindly.

    Thank you, I said.  Put three in my basket and went to the checkout to find out.

  2. Do what you feel and have no regrets, right?  You look absolutely on the money.   No regrets here. 

    Have a glorious time in NY.  Can't wait to see your cool weather ensembles. 

  3.  Lovely to see you embracing pattern clashing! Something I've recently tried it too – it's a strong statement and it is fun to wear – I think it looks great in monochrome as you've done here. And as you say fashion is for fun and expression!

  4. Fabulous pattern mixing.  I love that the sweater is vertical stripes instead of horizontal; makes this look very fresh.  And timely.

  5. I love pattern mixing! I'm not too adventurous with it, but hopefully I'll get some practice as I finally start wearing some of my tights. I'm a more adventurous shopper than my style can keep up with sometimes. Have a good trip!

  6. the same i notices is happening to me. since i start pattern mixing several month ago, i can not stop it. and the combinations became more and more braver, i think. it is really funny.
    i love your black and with mixing, especially because i always like to pair stripes with floral pattern. you look beautiful!

  7. It looks great! You won't look back on this picture and think it looks bad.  And enjoy the 80 degree days. I used to live there and I miss it!

  8. Clearly, consensus says …. a resounding "Yup."  I've never made this work, but then I don't have many print skirts or bottoms.  This gave me an idea … perhaps I could make a skirt or two out of older season dresses that no longer look modern on top.  Thanks, you little muse, you! 

  9. I think you're doing great at mixing patterns! I'm new at that too, and I find it very inspiring to see how other "beginners" handle it. Your green bracelet looks lovely with the black and white!

  10. I do not think you will regret this outfit one bit…it looks great together and completely works. Good job!

  11. This is one of my favorites that you have done so far….I LOVE the black and white, and the scale of the two prints go together perfectly. AWESOME, and inspirational. 

  12. Great idea to mix patterns in black and white, although to me it doesn't even look like mixing, more like matching. (You've seen my mix and match messes!) Gorgeous outfit as always.
    We might, just possibly, be dropping into the 70s this weekend (meaning 79 degrees) so I am looking forward to wearing a sweater! LOL

  13. Patti, I love how you've mixed these!  I think it's hard to mess up pattern mixing when you go all black and white!  Hugs my friend! ~Serene

  14. Pattern mixing is great fun, it gives you so many options by extending what you think "goes" together. I do it all the time. Keeping to a colour theme makes it less scary, I think, so your monochrome mixing is perfect. xxx

  15. It's never too late to start pattern mixing! What a great combination, too. The shape of that top is stunning! Jon does the same in Poundland, it drives me mad! x

  16. You found something you enjoy doing and it probably makes you look at your wardrobe in a whole new way. The only pattern mixing I do would be like a plaid button up shirt and a graphic tee underneath. I rarely buy clothing with patterns for some reason. I guess I'm playing it safe 😉 But I love stripes with patterns.

  17. I think stripes are the easiest and best to mix with other patterns. I've been wearing striped tops with patterned scarves lately and loving the mix. Your mix is great, love the B&W!

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