What I Wore: Megan’s Obi Belt Is Fab

I scored this obi belt from Megan Mae at a great sale price, and it’s called the “Lynne”, after another favorite blogger. Pretty cool. Megan designs belts, buttonflowers, and fabulous sketches too. Check out her creativity!

I wore a pleated maxi-skirt and basic black tee, to show off the belt. The shoes are actually peep-toe wedges that lace up, very awesome, and thrifted in NYC.

The art is not on the walls yet! Help me.

I also wore a necklace made from paper beads, gifted by a friend. These beads don’t look anything like paper! They’re wrapped and glazed and have a real-jewelry appearance. Here’s a link to a how-to, and here’s a close-up of some completed beads:

Aren’t they amazing?

I’m so lucky to have friends like Megan and Janice to help me look fresh and stylish. Are you wearing anything hand-crafted today, and feeling great about it?

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  1. Great belt and what a wonderfully creative idea to make them out of men's ties. Love upcycling ideas. 

  2. Yup, Megan is amazing.  Just featured her buttonflowers!!  I love the way your obi looks with this outfit.  I'm blown away by those beads!!  They would be great for earrings, I imagine, because they must be pretty lightweight?  

  3. Very cool belt! Sort of reminds me of belting with a man's tie. It's an idea I've never tried, but I might have to give that a whirl. I'm wishing you a wonderful holiday! Thanks for the gift of your inspiration!

  4. the obi belt is gorgeous and gives your outfit a very personal and creative touch. when i was a child we made necklaces from paper beads in kindergarten.i forgot how it works and how nice they are. thank you for remembering.

  5. I definitely need a Megan belt; on my list in the new year, for sure.

    And those beads! I remember those from when I was a kid, and now I am off to check out that tutorial.

    As always, you look smashing.

  6. I love Obi belts too, and the beads are really great – I teach workshops on how to make these 🙂    

    Enjoy the holiday season Patti x

  7. What an unusual belt and necklace! I love how you use accessories to add just that extra little touch to an outfit and make it something special.

  8. Megan Mae is talented and the coolest blogger I know. Love the colors in the obi belt. Your outfit is very chic! The necklace is so fab. Lucky you!

  9. Hooray for the Lynne belt! I'm so glad it went to you, Patti. I'm so pumped that most of the in-stock obis have sold out, I'll have to do a whole new batch for the new year. I'm wearing a handmade sweater today made by one of my readers and I'm wearing my Audi harness which was made by Audi's husband, Mark.

  10. Love the necklace and MUST get myself a Megan Mae obi belt.  Great styling of both pieces!

  11. What a stunning outfit, Patti! I love you in a maxi and the belt is beautiful.
    I've a 1970s Golden Hands craft book with detailed instructions to make those beads, I did attempt them once but the cats took a fancy to them when they were drying! x

  12. The obi looks great! I'm going to make one from some fabric I cut off a skirt, but I haven't done it yet. I have made paper beads – they're really fun to make. Maybe I'll wear some today!

  13. I have ties I got from ebay over the summer that I have pinned to make belts but have never sewed yet.  The color combos are so fun and create such impact…

  14. No, nothing handcrafted…but you certainly inspire us to do so…what fun accessories!!  I really like the belt!  Have a great day Patti!

  15. Megan's obi belts are really cool.  The beads are really neat too. They look nothing like paper!  My friend just gifted me a beautiful hand made necklace and I can't wait to style it.  Happy Holidays!  Heather

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