What I Wore: A Floral Duster Goes With Everything

When I posted a similar floral duster on my Facebook page, I got comments along the lines of “for old ladies only,” and “wouldn’t wear it out of the bedroom.” Facebook draws out the crabbies, did you know? I love my sheer floral duster (similar), acquired in the clothing swap at the Vancouver Blogger Meetup.

I think it looks fab with a simple black tank (sim) and tiered cotton maxi skirt (sim). And I even adore my funky saddles shoes (sim), recently purchased on consignment at Revolve Clothing. The ping pong ball at my feet is a tres expensive cat toy – spare no expense!




I’ve found my long white skirt is not as versatile as I’d hoped. It won’t work for biking and it needs to be laundered after every wear – I am a Messy Eater. But I still love the look, and wear it on driving days.


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Would ya? Wear a long floral duster? Outside the bedroom?  : >

Stay fabulous,


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  1. Well, I love dusters and I must have a half a dozen of them, but I can see why people didn’t like this look. I think it would be irreproachable over a top and a pair of pants that pick up one or two of the colors in the duster.

  2. Do those crankies know how hot it (still) is here in FL? Layering in the south is difficult! This piece is perfect (and pretty) for the weather, I think.

  3. I believe I have worn something similar at one point but I don’t own anything like that right now. I think it provides a nice lightweight bit of visual interest to the outfit. Yes, FB tends to bring out the haters and the crazies which is why I mostly avoid it.

  4. What a neat way to style this dress Patti. I need to remember to consider this with some of my button up dresses. Gives more life for sure!

    Also, thank you so much for linking up to my very first Style Story Link Up! I really appreciate the support. You’re so good at building community–which is really the main reasons I’m giving it a go. Thank you.


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  5. Oh, who cares if anyone else would or wouldn’t wear it? It’s your piece of clothing, you love it, so you wear it – and you do so beautifully! I am someone who wears vintage nightwear and beach dresses out and about, so I’m hardly likely to worry about taking something sheer out of the bedroom (or off the beach)!
    I like a bit of floaty sheerness, and the colour is divine – who are these people being so rude and negative on Facebook? I’d be using that unfriend button if I were you! (But you are much kinder and more tolerant than me, Patti, so I guess you will rise above!)
    PS. Yay, your new web page is updating for me now, I can keep up again. xxx

  6. I wouldn’t, but only because I like clothes to fit more closely – but I wish I found looser clothing more comfortable.

    Looks lovely and fluttery and feminine on you.

  7. I would wear it all the time – in fact, I’ve been going through my fabric stash looking for something to make one out of. It would look as good over jeans as over a slip dress for an evening out. You look great in the purple!

  8. I might wear it, but I’d stick with the black tank and black skinnies under it. You look lovely in it – and how you’ve styled it seems to suit you. (Ignore the meanies on FB. Honestly, why can’t we just be a little kinder to each other.)

  9. Heck yeah, I’d wear it. Well, I DID wear it. And a duster flutters when you walk. Can’t beat that feeling. The ensemble is great. And I like your photo farking.
    Who are these people on FB? That place is scary.

  10. No I wouldn’t wear it, but that is largely because it is not my style and it doesn’t flatter my figure. But I have nothing against it, you look very lovely in it. Love it paired with the skirt and those fabulous shoes (well done).
    I have this thing with sheer…. I like only one the colour underneath it. With two colours my eye is drawn to the middle on the border from black to white. So I would probably wear a white tank with it, or a black skirt. But I think I am alone in this approach haha. Sylvia never worries about that either.

  11. Patti…I will definitely wear this. It looks fabulous. I don’t do Facebook, because I find it filled with negative energy…instead, I blog, because here, the community is much nicer :0)

  12. Facebook seems to attract people who need to vent their own frustrations by posting nasty comments… Of course you can wear the duster outside the house, it looks very elegant, and just a bit boho.

  13. Ah FB…things can get quite heated there.

    I love this duster and they easy look you’ve created. I think they can be sexy and sophisticated. The colours in this one are wonderful!


  14. Would I wear it? No, it’s not my style (though I wore my share of Laura Ashley dresses & skirts in high school in the 80s πŸ˜‰ But YOU look fabulous and it suits your style. I love pattern but these days typically only wear a floral in a scarf.

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