Wee Little Beauty Tips For Not Dead Yet Women

The internet is clogged with beauty tips and videos for teens and 20-somethings. Which is cool, because when I was 17 all I had was the monthly Glamour magazine, some of the articles in which I would cut out and file under “Beauty Tips.” Serious little teenager, wasn’t I?

After40 years of accumulating beauty and skin care tips, I have truly simplified: Plain soap, Retin-A every night and Vitamin C serum during the day. Cheap drugstore body lotion and of course sunscreen that works on the surface of the sun.

But every once in while, I shop the Sephora sales/specials to find a new treat. Because we are driven to try new things, and the expense of these delights is tiny compared to designer shoes. Here are a few of the recent finds I have been happy with, and wanted to share with you:
DIPBROW Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I bought this in NYC with Sabina of Ocean Blue Style almost two years ago. Sabina’s the one who told me it was supposed to be good, and it is – it stays all day and can be applied in a light or dramatic hand. Lots of colors to choose from; I use Blonde.

E.l.f. Bronzer/Blush compact. This one is currently out of stock at the e.l.f. site, but you can get on the back-order list. I love to just touch my fingers to the blush and then to my cheeks, for a wonderful believable color. I use the bronzer side for my eye-shadow, again just a touch of my fingers.

A new perfume, La Vie Est Belle, by Lancome. I spritz a tiny amount on my wrists, and it smells wonderful for eight hours. The top notes are Iris, Patchouli, and Gourmand, and a lovely orange blossom scent remains throughout the day. It’s now my second favorite scent ever, after Prada’s Infusion d’Iris.

A new matte lipstick that I absolutely love. I haven’t worn a matte in ages, but Rainforest Of The Sea by Tarte is not drying and lasts a good half-the-day. In Cabana Boy Mauve (wait, what?), my pick for a soft neutral, and  eleven other wear-able colors.

Any new products or advice you may have to share in the comments is most welcome!

Stay fabulous,

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    • I understand the reds are the hardest to match. The blonde is neither warm nor cool-toned but adds good definition. Love a concealer pen, it’s fun to work with. xo

  1. Thanks for your tips, so good to get honest opinions. I’ll be trying some of the products you’ve been happy with. In my experience, Bobbi Brown cheek and lip colors are wonderful and don’t aggravate my allergy-prone skin, but their under-eye coverups are horrible. I use Origins under-eye concealer topped with Peeper Pleaser eye shadow (but used undereye) and that’s the best I’ve found so far.

    • The under-eye area is tricky, isn’t it? I haven’t tried the Origins concealer yet – thanks for the tip. xo

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