Visible Monday/Everybody, Everywear: Leaping into Yellow

A confluence of color events: Visible Monday and (tomorrow) Everybody, Everywear’s theme of YELLOW. I don’t normally wear yellow, except for a belt, earring, or delightful pair of rain boots. It’s one of those colors that, when worn near my face, sucks the life from me. Gold, lemon, sunny pale citron . . . I’ve tried them all, and haven’t found a harmonious shade yet.
But I wanted to play all-out in the Everybody challenge, so I thrifted a bright, bright yellow tee and paired it with a very cheerful midi skirt. I tried to mitigate the yellow near my face with a layered black tee. I feel like I am surely visible in this outfit, but I cannot say that I love the color. My comfort zone = strip off the yellow tee and leave me in my beloved black Gap shirt! Give a sister credit for trying.
Black tee: Gap, Yellow tee: Gap, thrifted, Floral skirt: Liz Claiborne, thrifted,

Belt: Express, Boots: Gianni Bini, Bracelets: Target, Earrings: Handmade by friend

This Week’s Visible Monday Participants ~ Go Check Them Out!

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  1. This is so cool–I've met two new bloggers. I'm glad I finally got my act together to participate. I agree with Paula–the black tee solves the problem of the yellow next to your face very well.

  2. OMG_first of all Patti, that yellow looks mahvelous on you! Yellow is my fave color, so I always try and encourage people to wear it when it looks good on them. There is a shade for almost evreyone.
    And talk about old lady moment–do you think I can get it together to do the EBEW thing???/

  3. popped over via EBEW
    i am with you on the yellow and did basically the same thing you did with the yellow t only i threw a blue t on under mine
    i think you pulled it off, even if you never wear yellow again!

  4. I don't think the yellow looks bad on you! Great pics of everyone, I'll look closer tomorrow when I'm not dead from work. I really have to fix my hair and face next time…and maybe..oh I don't know…remember to SMILE??? LOL

  5. I am also fair-skinned and uncomfortable with yellow. But you're pulling that off! I think the black tee may be helping, but it also might be the shade of yellow. It also just works really well with that skirt. Bravo!

    (Apologies for being behind on blog reading/commenting and V. Monday participating. I've had to limit my computer time and some other activities such as photo shoots! But I'll be back. Love this series. You are doing a great job with it).

  6. That's a nice little trick you did with the blac tshirt.I like how the yellow echoes the pattern of the skirt and I think the boots are you.You have to wear them often.Kisses.And thanks for the opportunity to post over your blog.

  7. I hear you about yellow–I am a pinkish-faced gray-haired woman–but I must say with your hair, you look very lovely in that ensemble. The black border probably helps. The yellow doesn't look to be road-stripe bright, either, which helps. The lemony shade works in the photo!

  8. Amber – that could be the funniest "visible" story yet! Your picture is invisible, but you are trying so hard – please try again with your pic later and I'll post it, I'm sure you look lovely : >

  9. Everybody looks smashing! I do like the yellow on you.

    (I didn't get it together for this week, but will have something for you for next.)

  10. Hey Patti! I participated in Visible Monday and tried to email you, but just couldn't get it to work. So if you'd like to include my pic, just check it out on my blog. You, Terri, and Paula look GORGEOUS! I'm happy as a clam to be in such elegant company!! Hugs! ~Serene

  11. OK…old age moment! I might need you to send me an email to remind me of Visible Monday…the weekends seem to take my mind away as well! All the ladies look great in these shots…I love yellow, it is one of my colors, though I do not own a lot of it. Come on over and tell me what you think about my new shopping system!!

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