How To Rock A Denim (Or Other) Vest Over 40

I love to study Visible Monday for trends, as well as ways to wear old favorites. So many stylish women appear in one place, with so many looks to delight in. This week my eyes turned to vests – mostly denim but a few alternatives – and how versatile they are, casual and dressy and in-between. I have a purple denim vest that I like to wear over anything, to scare the children. Thankfully, these women show more class and style.

Jodie of A Touch of Style not only wears a classic denim vest with her skirt and tee, she features her aunt (in her 60’s) and mother (in her 70’s) in their own vests. I am loving Jodie’s leopard skirt, paired with the fitted denim vest, belt and colorful sandals.


Trust Melanie of Bag and A Beret to pull off a slightly more outre version of the vest. Her orange ruffled silk vest is the icing on the cake of her sheer blouse and low-slung trousers. I love her style, she’s such an artist. I was able to go thrifting with her once and it was an unforgettable experience.

Jaymie of Shop Your Closet does a relaxed, just-toss-it-on denim vest over a simple tank and olive jogger pants. Love the leopard slip-on sneakers and the glass of . . . grape juice?  : >


Linda of A Labour Of Life puts a classic denim vest over a dressy dress and statement necklace. The cowboy boots make an awesome counterpoint to the dress as well:


Becky of Becky’s Wunderland (a new-to-me blog and so cool) rocks a long black vest over neutral layers. I adore her glasses, must find similars.


I was completely floored to find myself in this funny post about “Things Women Over 30 Should Wear.” I’m there with Oprah! Strong language caution, but enjoy:

24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

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  1. Once We came up to this short article I may only see part of it, is this specific my internet browser or the world wide web website? Should We reboot?

  2. I was telling Jodie how much I loved her look, so so so pretty and preppy and cool. And how I don’t own a single denim vest, a situation which must be rectified. Soon. And here I thought my love for Mel knew couldn’t possibly grow any further. This woman is fantabulous. She is my hero. My style superwoman. As are you, Patti. How fucking cool is it to be in that article alongside all those amazing stylemeisters!!! xoxoxo

  3. I remember wearing a denim vest back in the 80’s and loving it so perhaps I’ll have to look into this. I read the article you linked to and thought it was written so well! Sometimes I feel like people writing those kind of articles are just trying to make it go viral and get noticed. Either way, it gets people thinking and talking!

    • Thanks, Julia. “Rules” for how older women “should” dress always get a strong reaction! xo

  4. I sent that “24 things” link to so many wonderful women, and I told all of them, “I know Patti! She’s a kindred spirit!” You rock, Patti, for keeping us all visible, reminding us to stay out there. Maybe I need a vest. Or maybe just some fringe.

  5. I saw you and a few other friends on that post. I thought it was brilliant! Must have made your day!


    • thank you! I know, the wonderful Shelley and some other friends were there too. xo

    • It’s a pleasure to spread the word about your blog, Jodie. I love your creativity. xo

    • Yay Jodie!
      Great to see you here. You are so creative…and looking super trim in your waistcoat.

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