My Spring Uniform

I wear a lot of the same clothes over and over. I know! I’m supposed to be a fashion blogger. But I reach for my knit skirts or jeans, and comfortable knit tops all the time. For office wear I do try a little harder, and that’s what you’ll see on most Visible Mondays.

I feel the urge to tweak a Spring “uniform” with a few new pieces. I stick to silhouettes I love. I don’t wear shorts, except for picnics and home repairs, so I’m thinking a couple of new full skirts. I can wear them with lighter weight tees all through summer.

This bright skirt could be a great uniform piece. From ASOS.
Also from ASOS, the must-have black knit skirt for summer. Stripes are always welcome, too.

I am a big fan of “personality” shoes, so I’ll add some new sandals like these:

Nine West makes some very cool sandals. Zappos.

And I definitely want a new lighter handbag for the sunny seasons. Smaller purses are trending, and my shoulders could use a rest. So maybe a cross-body like this:

Love the red! DKNY bag.

That should do me for the next six months. I could say I’m boring, but I prefer to say I have a carefully curated style. ㋡

What’s on your short list for the new season?

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  1. You are looking great in these skirts. These beautiful skirts always keep the fashion and trend alive in the society. Great choice! The bag is also so stunning. I am also looking to buy Discount Coach Handbags.

  2. Spring shopping has been saving my sanity in this seemingly never-ending winter weather. I've picked up a couple of cute things from the Ines de la Fressange collection for Uniqlo (a cashmere cardigan and a dotted button-down). Classic basics at a decent price point, too.

  3. I like your carefully curated style. You have a soft look, your colouring is soft and you have a delicate looking build. I think it suits you to be more subtle with your wardrobe choices but I don't think you ever look boring.

  4. Lovely bits there, I'd happily wear any of those. It's still pretty cold in England but I'm moving to lighter coloured jumpers and cardigans, I've put away my long boots and I'm thinking about a floral scarf.

  5. I am with you on the flowing skirts and I also love a nice poly/cotton dress for summer. We all need to downsize our purses, the bigger the purse the more I put in it.

  6. Hi Patti love your picks here and great minds think alike, I just bought a red handbag this morning which I've just blogged about! Have a great weekend xx

  7. Lovely choices, I can see you rocking all of them! Spring wardrobes are pretty defunct here, its either freezing cold, hailing, torrential rain or glorious sunshine, all in one day! xxx

  8. Good choices, Patti, I can see you looking fabulous wearing all of these pieces. I'd love to see you in some bright red, go for that skirt!
    I rarely buy for the season, I just pick up random stuff when I see it (which probably accounts for my very random wardrobe…!) xxx

  9. All this Early Spring snow has kept my Spring dreams at bay.
    I have added a pair of Olive green pants to my closet, the way things are going it'll probably go from snow to 90 degrees overnight and be too hot to ever wear them.

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